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Bionic Commando remake trailer hits the Web to the sound of gruffness

Oct 17
It was only announced yesterday, and already opinions are highly divided on Capcom's Bionic Commando remake. So far voices tend to fall on either side of a binary split, either gushing with the misty-eyed enthusiasm of a nost... read

I like the guys from Running With Scissors. Far from being the baby-eating, kitten-punching corrupters of children that certain quarters would paint them as, I've always found them to be thoroughly funny and intelligent peopl... read feature

Games Media Awards: the images (quantifiably NSFW)

Oct 13
Having vague and hazy recollections of this week's Games Media Awards, I found myself quite looking forward to going over the photos and video from the night so that I could piece together everything that went on. Alas my fri... read

Hitman movie censored already?

Oct 10
The inner workings of the minds of Hollywood's executives often make very little sense. That's as true a statement as saying that the sky is blue or that Snowboard Kids is better than Mario Kart 64. The modern Hollywood exec ... read

Mistwalker confirms Blue Dragon DS and a shiny new title

Oct 03
I couldn't be more thankful for Mistwalker's existence right now. As a long-time JRPG fan, these last few years with my once beloved Square-Enix have been like watching a much-loved family dog slowly die while a relationship ... read

Destructoid interview: Pure Pwnage

Sep 30
If you haven't seen Pure Pwnage yet, - and frankly you have very little excuse at this stage - stop reading this right now, head over to the site, and come back and resume once you've watched all fourteen episodes. Go on. You... read

Bungie: Internet Matlocks correct, Halo 3 not running in HD, but so what?

Sep 29
It's a universal law of human snarkiness that the bigger the game launch, the more attention will be paid to any hitches, large or small. It's also a universal law of videogames that the more you hype, the more trouble you te... read

Ghost Squad trailer shows off some slick shooting

Sep 29
While probably not a release likely to be setting Wii owners' pants on fire with anticipation in this year of incoming Mario and No More Heroes, - and with Metroid still to come if you live in Europe - Sega's port of arcade l... read

Dead Island site goes live

Sep 28
Techland's up and coming zombie dismantlement simulator caused quite a stir when it was unveiled at the Leipzig Games Convention, due to its smile-inducing two-hit combo of gorgeously idyllic tropical vistas and savagely brut... read

Jack Thompson sends gay porn to judge, doesn't even buy dinner first

Sep 26
My friends, it's almost time to start popping champagne corks, for the glorious day must surely be soon upon us when Jack Thompson's legal career is curb-stomped savagely into a fine red mist. For quite some time now things h... read

Valve uncertain about the future of episodic gaming

Sep 25
Valve might be dropping the whole concept of episodic gaming once Half-Life 2: Episode 3 finally sees the light of day. While that release may seem like a distant prospect with Episode 2 still awaiting its delayed release, Ga... read

Timesplitters 4 looking probable for the Wii

Sep 25
Some new tips drop into my in-box like a shiny big dollop of liquid gold. From the day the Wii was announced, FPS on the machine has been at the forefront of my mind, and I've had a vaguely realized image of a perfect example... read

Wii availability creates tourism boost in rural Japan, seashell art sales stable

Sep 25
Nearly ten months in and still the Wii is only marginally easier to get hold of than rocking-horse manure. Having pre-ordered mine before launch, I had to be honest, pretty much stopped tracking their proliferation in stores,... read

Surprise of the week: Jericho banned in Germany

Sep 25
In a move which has stunned the entire population of those who have actually been living under a rock for the last ten years, - incidentally a proud people who are sick to death of being reduced to a semi-humorous cliche in t... read

Coming to America: Square Enix looking for US partnerships

Sep 24
First Capcom, now Square Enix. This generation is seeing some big westard steps taken by Japanese publishers eager to lap up some of the creamy monetary goodness waiting on the other side of the globe. Its not a surprising si... read

New Seaman 2 video: Man-faced fish-birds and cell phone-using cavemen aplenty

Sep 23
 I was expecting most things relating to the sequel to Sega's Dreamcast pet simulator to be pretty weird, but after watching this Japanese gameplay overview, I'm less dazed and confused and more disturbed and utterly con... read

TGS 2007: New No More Heroes video brings your dreams of a laser crotch to life!

Sep 23
 No More Heroes gets more and more screwed up the more we see of it, and I for one thoroughly approve. So far we've had otaku buying light sabers from Ebay, arm-mounted rocket launchers, explosive gore and mandatory Wiim... read

Jack was right all along! Chinese cops train with Counter-Strike

Sep 23
It seems the anti-gaming lobby aren't the only ones operating under the apprehension that sitting in the comfort of one's living room, pressing a series of buttons in order to incite some on-screen animations, is exactly the ... read

TGS 2007: Wipeout HD gameplay videos direct from the Show floor

Sep 19
The nigh-mystical powers of The Golden Donut have just pointed us towards the existence of some shaky-cam videos of the PS3's new incarnation of F-Zero's most famous offspring that emanated from the Tokyo Game Show today. I h... read

New Dragon Quest IX scans have come to massage your eyeballs seductively

Sep 19
JeuxFrance have been on one of their secret sneaking missions again, this time liberating a bunch of new Dragon Quest IX shots previously imprisoned within the pages of the brutal Shonen Jump regime. It was a mission fraught ... read

New Dementium trailer baffles and amuses

Sep 19
I can't wait to play Dementium: The Ward. I've had high hopes for the horror shooter for a good while now, and after Hamza's impressions from EIEIO were largely favourable despite a couple of niggles, my desire to be blowing ... read

Regular readers will by now be well aware of my excitement over Codemasters' upcoming collaboration with author, film maker, artist, and all-round creative legend Clive Barker. I've been a huge fan of Barker's work since my t... read feature

Okay chap and chapettes, the results from yesterday's feeding frenzy are in and I'm ready to announce the lucky spammers who've got themselves a beta key for Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. Given that things got a little messy w... read feature

Do you like Quake? Do you like wars? Have you longed for some time to combine your two passions in videogame form, maybe giving the whole thing a beta-style vibe as you do? If that rather contrived set of predilections sounds... read feature

Leipzig GC 2007: The French team preserving gaming history for the future

Sep 04
"Dave, you've got to get over to Hall 5. There are some guys over there who've got every console ever on free play.""Every console ever?""And a couple of arcade cabinets. And the consoles are all set ... read

Leipzig GC 2007: Quake Wars

Sep 04
Time was short at Activision on the day I popped over for a look at the new Quake II-themed Enemy Territory game, so I unfortunately didn't get as long as I'd hoped for with what was one of my most looked-forward-to games of ... read

Leipzig GC 2007: The mysterious mystery of THEY

Sep 03
A game called THEY was teasing me for the entirety of the GC. It was one of the first games I made an appointment to see having recieved a press release weeks earlier about it, the last one I got to see over the course of the... read

Leipzig GC 2007: Far Cry 2

Sep 02
Around a week into my Leipzig coverage, and looking at my writing schedule I've still got a bunch more FPS to detail. It's a sign of the times my friends, and one I'm not entirely happy about. Somehow, this whole genre bandwa... read

Leipzig GC 2007: Hands-on with Crysis

Aug 30
You might have read Fronz's report of his play test of Crysis back in January. While he found the game to be trouser-troubling beautiful and solidly playable -- despite bugs -- he ultimately wasn't blown away by the overall e... read

Leipzig GC 2007: Hands-on with Rayman Raving Rabbids 2

Aug 30
I like Rabbids. They do a lot of important work. In this world of mopey, emo, RPG heroes, violent, grizzled, downtrodden anti-heroes, earnest corporate mascots, and cute and cuddly cartoon critters, the Rabbids want nothing m... read

Leipzig GC 2007: Warhound

Aug 30
Remember when I said in my Dead Island preview that Techland could have another sleeper on their hands if things work out? Warhound is that game. Most of the journalists I talked to at Leipzig who went to Techland's booth wen... read

Leipzig GC 2007: Hands-on with Spore

Aug 29
Sometimes things just turn out of the best. Earlier this week I had a ninety-minute appointment over in Electronic Arts' press area, where they had a whole load of their upcoming games available for play-test or presentation.... read

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