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PAX East 2015 plans photo
PAX East 2015 plans

Destructoid's PAX East 2015 schedule is here!

Party with the best damn community on Earth
Mar 07
// mrandydixon
PAX East 2015 is happening RIGHT NOW! And just like years past, the Destructoid community is there in a big, big way. Did you make the trek to Boston this year? Then check out our daily meetup schedule below! And be sure to j...
BassPULSE contest photo
They glow in the dark, just like Rudolph's nose
[Update: Contest over! Winner is Morty.] Our friends at Accessory Power have just shipped us a set of awesome GOgroove BassPULSE speakers to give away to one lucky Dtoider! As is evident by the header, these bad boys do indee...

Here's what's been happening in the Dtoid community

Mar 01 // mrandydixon
New old blood Several long-time community members have joined our ranks lately, and it makes my heart sing! Wrenchfarm (Nic Rowen), bbain (Ben Davis), GlowBear (Claire Sharkey), Stevil (Stephen Turner), and DimmuJed (Jed Whitaker) all accepted promotes to become front page contributors, while Occams Electric Toothbrush, PhilKenSebben (Mike Martin), and StriderHoang all joined on to help out with community stuff! As a community leader, nothing makes me happier than seeing hard-working Dtoiders get the respect and recognition they deserve, and Niero and Holmes have been doing an awesome job at promoting from within lately. Congratulations to everyone! Community blogasms A ton of new community projects have surfaced within the last month, and they've all been fun! Here are just a few of the highlights: Podgasms - Cblog recapper Nanashi has spearheaded this great undertaking to list all the community podcasts published each month, and wow is it a helpful feature! Look for his next edition at the end of March! Cblogs of the Month - And speaking of Cblog recappers, the fine folks on the Cblog Recaps team have been putting out monthly highlights of all their favorite blogs! You can catch January's edition on the front page right here, and February's should be up soon! Comments of the Week - Remember CaptainBus and his amazing Comments of the Week? Well community member Dreamweaver has brought it back, baby! Only five weeks in to its reincarnation, and man has it been popular so far. These things take an incredible amount of time to compile, so be sure to thank Dreamweaver next time you see him! Band of Bloggers - Community blogger The Scholarly Gamer launched a fun new writing assignment this month with the help of the community, called Band of Bloggers. Similar to Occam's and Strider's Monthly Musings, Band of Bloggers tasks the community with writing about a specific game and theme every month, and the community gets to vote on what gets tackled next! February's theme was Fallout; stay tuned to Scholarly's blog to see what's coming up in March! Forums, we (still) have them There have been some significant changes lately down in the basement; most notably, that our long-time Forums admin Mxy retired after five years of service! Here's some of the other stuff that's been going down: How did Mxy do it all?! - As I mentioned above, Mxy is currently enjoying a much-deserved retirement (probably sippin' margaritas by the pool with our beloved Zodiac Eclipse, who retired last year), which means we were forced to fill his enormous shoes. Taking over as our two main admins are community members OpiumHerz and Nihil, and they are being assisted by Brightside and Panzadolphin56 on the mod side of things. Thanks to all of you for your hard work! Redesign - One of Opium's first acts as new head of the Forums was to create a new thread where people could make requests for new features, and that spawned into a massive undertaking involving about eleventy bajillion threads being renamed, moved, or removed! Head on down and take a look around, and be sure to thank all those who joined in on the planning of the redesign! Forum games - One of the best things to spawn from the redesign is the new Forum Games section! In here, you can join in on a random game of word association, rate your fellow community members' avatars, play Werewolf, or enjoy any of the 100 other fun things your fellow Dtoiders do all day every day. Go take a look! New badges for all - March marks Destructoid's 9th anniversary -- NINE FUCKING YEARS, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! -- and in keeping with tradition, we've unveiled a sexy new "9" badge for those who want it! Just head on over to this thread to see what it takes to earn! In addition to the anniversary badge, we've also unveiled a few new badges lately, including one for getting your comment featured on a front page article. Check out the Badge Request thread for the full list and start filling out your profile! Legendary Dtoiders - Finally, the Forum authorities have just bestowed a new batch of Legendary badges for those who exemplify all that is wonderful about their community. Congratulations to Alphadeus, GlowBear, Marche100, Occams Electric Toothbrush, PhilKenSebben, RobertoPlankton, Stevil, StriderHoang, and thank you for your dedicated service to your community! ----- And that's it for this month's updates! Thank you for being the best community on Earth!
Our community rocks photo
Highlights from the Cblogs, Forums, and more!
You Dtoiders have been on an absolute tear lately! Not only are you kicking out awesome new community projects at breakneck speeds, but you're doing so with an enthusiasm and positivity that I haven't seen in years. Seriously...

Radio Dtoid questions photo
Radio Dtoid questions

Radio Destructoid records tonight! Ask us a question!

Best question will win a free Loot Crate
Feb 28
// mrandydixon
Radio Destructoid is our official community-focused podcast! Join hosts Mr Andy Dixon (Community Manager), Bill Platt (Legendary Dtoider), Conor Elsea (Community Monster), and Kyle MacGregor (Associate Editor) as we talk abou...
Radio Dtoid questions photo
Radio Dtoid questions

Radio Destructoid records tonight! Ask us questions...

...and win a free game!
Feb 07
// mrandydixon
Radio Destructoid is our official community-focused podcast! Join hosts Mr Andy Dixon (Community Manager), Bill Platt (Legendary Dtoider), Conor Elsea (Community Monster), Kyle MacGregor (Associate Editor), and Occams Electri...
Kromaia contest photo
Five copies up for grabs
Our friends at Kraken Empire have given us five keys for their crazy shoot-'em-up Kromaia to give away to lucky Dtoiders! Described as a frantic, old-school, coin-op shoot-'em-up that's come crashing headlong into the 21st c...

Be Mine 17 contest photo
Including Tex Murphy, Last Inua, Sinking Island, Deep Dungeons of Doom, and more
Our friends at Groupees are in the midst of their latest charity bundle, and they've given us 20 codes to help spread the word! Included in the Be Mine 17 bundle are Last Inua, Sinking Island, Tex Murphy: Martian Memorandum,...

Speaker coupon photo
Speaker coupon

PSA: Enjoy $10 off some awesome speakers courtesy of Dtoid

They glow in the dark!
Feb 02
// mrandydixon
Destructoid has partnered with our friends at Accessory Power to offer a $10 off coupon for the GOgroove BassPULSE speakers! Now through Thursday, just click this link and enter the code DTOIDRBP at checkout and violà! You just saved yourself $10. As I mentioned, this deal only runs through Thursday, so grab 'em while they're red hot!
Mega Ran contest photo
Five copies up for grabs
Originally a commission by a hardcore fan, Mega Ran Com: Mission, was recently unlocked for the general public, and we've got five digital copies to hand out to lucky readers! To enter to win, just leave a comment in the...

MAGFest photo

At MAGFest? Find Conor!

He's recording an episode of Radio Destructoid and we want you to be the star
Jan 23
// mrandydixon
Dtoid Community Monster and all-around nice guy Conor Elsea is at MAGFest this weekend. ARE YOU?! If so, you should totally find him, because he's recording an extra special episode of Radio Destructoid with Radio D alumn Aar...
Brawlhalla beta keys photo
This game looks nuts
Destructoid has partnered with our friends at Blue Mammoth Games to give away a TON of closed beta keys for their upcoming brawler Brawlhalla! Brawlhalla is a super fun, fast-paced, 2D platform brawler for the PC where champ...

HUGE Bonus Levels photo
HUGE Bonus Levels

HUGE members: Sign up for your monthly Bonus Levels!

Let the Dtoid staff come all up in your (in)box
Jan 17
// mrandydixon
A few months ago, we kicked off a fun new perk for our HUGE members: monthly "Bonus Levels" newsletters direct from the Dtoid staff! Every month, you can expect a new letter penned from your favorite staff members sent straig...

Contest: Win an iPad courtesy of World of Warriors!

Jan 15 // mrandydixon
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iPad contest photo
A $400 value!
Destructoid has partnered with the fine folks behind the awesome World of Warriors to give away a 16GB iPad Mini 3 to one lucky reader! World of Warriors blends fighting and RPG gameplay in a pick-up-and-play, console-quality...

Radio Dtoid 051 - 053 photo
Radio Dtoid 051 - 053

Radio Destructoid got me pregnant

Not really, but you can catch the last three episodes right here anyway
Jan 13
// mrandydixon
Radio Destructoid is our official community-focused podcast! Join hosts Mr Andy Dixon (Community Manager), Bill Platt (Community Playdate Manager), Conor Elsea (US Community Monster), Kyle MacGregor (Associate Editor), and Oc...

Contest: Win a code for Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey!

Jan 09 // mrandydixon
Here are your letters: The tiles on the bottom are the ones available. Once you've got your word or phrase, just post it in the comments below! Limit one entry per person, and you have until this Sunday, January 11 at 11:59pm Pacific to enter. Contest is open to anyone in the world. Good luck! And remember, our Huge Members get automatic entry into all contests (and double entries if you enter one manually), exclusive beta code giveaways for upcoming games, monthly newsletters direct from the staff, ad-free browsing, and more! And most of all, your $3 a month helps directly support the site you love. Try us out!
Letter Quest contest photo
10 Steam keys up for grabs
Destructoid has been given 10 codes for the awesome word puzzler Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey to hand out to our clever readers! Letter Quest released on Steam a little over a month ago, and its creative blending of Scr...

What is your most anticipated game of 2015?

Jan 06 // mrandydixon
Community poll for 2015 photo
We've shown you ours. Now you show us yours.
The dust has barely settled on 2014, but we at Destructoid are already looking to the future! Why? Because the future is awesome. Duh. The Dtoid staff have shared our personal picks for our most wanted games of 2015, and now ...

Mr Andy's drunk GOTY photo
Mr Andy's drunk GOTY

Mr Andy Dixon's top 10 games I played drunk in 2014

Spoiler: I didn't actually play 10 games this year
Dec 31
// mrandydixon
Confession #1: I don't play a lot of videogames. Confession #2: The ones I do play, I play drunk. Huh huh. Number two do do. Here are the games I liked the best this year, and what I was drinking when I played them.
New Year's Eve games photo
New Year's Eve games

What game will you ring in the New Year with?

Or do you prefer to watch balls drop?
Dec 31
// mrandydixon
New Year's Eve was always my favorite holiday growing up. Not only were there yummy snacks galore at whatever party my parents dragged me to each year, but the adults were normally so preoccupied with drinking and pretending ...
Community Choice Award photo
Community Choice Award

Destructoid's Game of the Year 2014 Community Choice Award!

And the winner is...
Dec 29
// mrandydixon
What a wild year it's been for us gamers. In spite of all the insanity this industry inevitably attracts, when we look back on everything that has happened over the last 12 months, I think there's one thing we can all agree o...
PSTV + Xbox One contest photo
Enjoy the latest Titan One firmware, free of charge
[Update: Contest over! Winner is theraden!] To celebrate the news that their Titan One cross-compatibility device now offers full support for Sony's PlayStation TV, our friends at ConsoleTuner are offering up a PlayStation TV...

Logitech contest photo
These things are amazing
[Update: Contest over!] Destructoid has once again partnered with our friends at Logitech, and this time we're giving away two G910 Orion Spark RGB mechanical keyboards to lucky readers! If you've never used a mechanical keyb...

Radio Dtoid questions photo
Radio Dtoid questions

Radio Dtoid records tonight! Ask us questions, dammit

Our favorite question wins a free game!
Dec 20
// mrandydixon
Radio Destructoid is our official community-focused podcast! Join hosts Conor Elsea (US Community Manager), Bill Platt (Community Playdate Manager), Kyle MacGregor (Associate Editor), Occams Electric Toothbrush (Community Blo...
Nosgoth beta keys photo
Play the game before your friends
Destructoid is giving away a bunch of Nosgoth closed beta keys! Nosgoth is a free-to-play multiplayer experience set in the Legacy of Kain universe, involving humans and vampires locked in a bloody struggle against one anothe...

Xbox One contest photo
Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals
[Update: Contest over! Winner is Sam Butler1!] Our friends at Microsoft have bestowed upon us an Xbox One Assassin's Creed Unity bundle to give away to one lucky Dtoider! Included in the bundle is a standard Xbox One console ...

Jackbox Party contest photo
20 copies up for grabs
The Jackbox Party Pack is the ultimate collection of party games for you and your non-existent friends to not play when they don't come over because they aren't real, and now it can be yours for the low, low price of absolute...

Persona Q contest photo
Three copies up for grabs
[Update: Contest over! Winners are desert dragon, Pixielated, Tiael, and Vivendel!] Destructoid has once again partnered with our good friends at Atlus to give away three copies of Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth Wild Card...

Vote now for your 2014 Game of the Year!

Dec 09 // mrandydixon
Community Choice Award photo
The Destructoid Community Choice Award
Another year has come and gone and holy sh*t were a lot of videogames released in 2014. Did you folks play any this year? I played a few, but mostly I just watched Netflix because it has achievements now. Anyway, some of you ...

Radio Dtoid questions photo
Radio Dtoid questions

Radio Destructoid episode 51 records tonight! Ask us questions!

Our favorite question will win a free game (not Area 51)
Dec 06
// mrandydixon
Radio Destructoid is our official community-focused podcast! Join hosts Conor Elsea (US Community Manager), Bill Platt (Community Playdate Manager), Kyle MacGregor (Associate Editor), Occams Electric Toothbrush (Community Blo...
Radio Dtoid 050 photo
Radio Dtoid 050

Radio Destructoid 050: The Louis Conundrum

Featuring special community guest Jack Shadow!
Nov 29
// mrandydixon
Radio Destructoid is our official community-focused podcast! Join Aaron "Mxy" Yost (Forums Admin), (US Community Manager), Beccy Caine (EU Community Manager), Kyle MacGregor (Contributor), and Mr Andy Dixon as ...

Contest: Win a Destiny PS4 bundle and a Titan One!

Nov 26 // mrandydixon
Note: The Titan One supports PC, Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One, and PS4. *International winners will receive cash value in lieu of physical product.
PS4 contest photo
Nearly $600 worth of gaming goodness
[Update: Contest over! Winner is king kong five! Thanks to all who participated.] Destructoid has partnered with our friends at ConsoleTuner to bring you another awesome contest! Up for grabs this time is the white PlayStatio...

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