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Deadliest Catch Alaskan Storm: Catch crabs like you meant to

Feb 27
Do you like crabs? Do you like catching them? If so, today is your lucky day. Deadliest Catch Alaskan Storm will be making its way to the Xbox 360 and PC sometime this April. If you're a fan of the show on the Discovery ... read

Dtoid Interview: Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg

Feb 27
So, after the hectic schedule of GDC 2008, we got to take a break and sit down with MR. BIG VIP, Aaron Greenberg and talk about what the future holds from Microsoft, such Zune gaming and how the XNA community will give indie... read

Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 coming to PC and Xbox 360

Feb 12
Hungarian gaming magazine PC Guru leaked out April's cover a little early it seems. The magazine might be written in a made up language but the words Red Alert 3 come out as a clear indicator that the game will be making its ... read

Destructoid is proud to announce... well, maybe not proud, but, let's say ashamed to admit? We now have Cashwh0re shirts on sale on our marketplace. Stop reading this post and go buy now! At only $14.95 you can't go wrong. Tr... read feature

If you haven't had a chance to check it out, here is a quick video showcasing the cinematic intro,  in-game tutorial, and gameplay from Bizarre Creations and Sega's The Club. The game launches on Febuary 19th for th... read feature

GTA4 details, and why I'm not posting them

Feb 08
As you may have noticed, Destructoid has not posted the Achievements yet for GTA4. We also, retracted a little bit of Nick's rumor post earlier and have not added anything else concerning the story or gameplay. Now the questi... read

Void Star Creations has broken the seal and announced the release date for Poker Smash coming to XBLA. Next Wednesday you can try out a game that I have to say, I really didn't expect to love so much. Created by 4 men in... read feature

Lanwar 40 is here and Dtoid will be there

Jan 18
This weekend in Louisville Kentucky, Lanwar is having its 10 year anniversary and its 40th event. The event itself is already sold out to game, but it is in fact open and free to the public to attend.Your very own Orcist... read

Have you been wanting to check out Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa on the PC, but your bank account just wont let you? Well, Destructoid can help you out. Let my personal stupidity help your gaming collection get bigger. Win a... read feature

Coolmasters new CMX cases make gamers drool

Jan 17
In the PC gaming world, there are about a million choices on what case to buy. Do you buy a store bought PC? Not me. Do you build it? Of course. Do you cut and slave to mod out your own case so that you have something origina... read

Activision CEO says that all consoles need to be $199 or less

Nov 28
Activision's Ceo Barry Kotick might know something that we don't. It seems that he has made some really bold statements in a recent interview with Rueters news concerning the future price points of all three current generatio... read

Destructoid Hands-On: Greybush vs. Omega 5, an upcoming XBLA shooter due Winter

Nov 28
Publisher's note: Destructoid is launching our own embedded player in the next coming months, and with that we'll be bringing you a lot more exclusive video content of gameplay, interviews, and hands-on impressions from our D... read

Mass Effect special on Sci-Fi tonight

Nov 20
Mass Effect is finally upon us, and some of you may still be on the fence about whether or not it is the game for you. Well, to help answer that question, the Sci-Fi Channel has a half hour long special airing tonight at... read

ScrewAttack takes a look at PS3 exclusives ... Yeah, I know (Audio NSFW)

Nov 14
It has been out for a year and has a massive library of exclusive games, and by massive I mean I have been in Chad's Jeep with more people (This sad joke is actually true). It is the PSTriples. Our friends at ScrewAttack show... read

Living the Dream: Meet GH3 band, Furry Revolution

Nov 05
Look I drink... and from time to time, I spout off an idea that only God could make happen. Meet Furry Nation, Furvolution, Furry Revolution. They are the first Dtoid Guitar Hero band and the first one I have ever heard ... read

Look I drink...and the one thing that I like more than drinking is nudity and video games. The awesome people at totallynerdcore(nsfw) have cranked out another amazing calender for 2008 that will fulfill those needs... read feature

Lifetime Membership! Say it with me, life...time...member...ship! Do you love Hellgate: London? Do you think you might play it for a long time? Well, Destructoid really has something that you might want. A founders membership... read feature

If the buzz is a real indicator, it really looks like Hellgate London is going to be a big game. One of the most common questions that I get asked is. "Hey Ron, can you please ban WiiSucks from Dtoid?" The seco... read feature

Official Cosplay contest at E for All

Oct 14
Are you tired of dressing up as Sailor Moon and dancing in your mom's basement? (Ted) Has the fun of dressing your dog up as Zan, and playing Wonder Twins faded away? Dtoid's close friends and Community homies, Aktrez, Virtua... read

Big Brother is back on Xbox Live

Oct 09
It appears that Microsoft might be making another run at cutting down on dirty gamertags. Last night around 9 o'clock, another Live bomb hit, permanently separating some gamers from their beloved names. Dtoid's... read

Dtoid exclusive: Universe at War extended trailer

Sep 27
Would someone please build a flux capacitor so I can travel one month ahead in time and play this damn game already? Is that to much to ask? Until then, I bring you a Dtoid exclusive video of Universe at War (extended trailer... read

Dragon War 3 is the greatest thing evar! (Audio NSFW, but watch anyways)

Sep 24
Hey stupid! Are you ready for the release of the most anticipated game in the last three months? It has 69.1 channels of nipple bleeding sound, three times the amount of the polygons, and 64 player multiplayer but only ... read

Greybushtainment: Dave's not here man

Sep 24
Look I drink...and this results in a lot of apologies. Be it to a Catholic Bishop, AOL, or the shopping cart I "allegedly" molested at Wal-Mart. But, I have never ever apologized with a bag of marijuana cigarettes.&... read

The Halocaust. The futares si real!

Sep 22
I told you about winning the Halo's and you all called me crazy. There is nothing you can do to stop it. It's on the internet and cannot be changed. After watching this video, you will only be able to think one thing... Prai... read

Dtoid is looking for a few good men. Or women. Actually even a combination of the two would work also. We need 15 of you to rep Dtoid in some online battle action. Can you help someone set us up the bomb? Are you willing to s... read feature

Jhidekim COD4 party outtakes (Look... he drinks!)

Sep 17
Look I drink...and it looks like our man in the field Jhidekim tries his best to 'tighten up and say the same. Enjoy the "Outtakes" of what happened at the Hollywood COD4 party when he decided to get his drink ... read

They want EFX! The Mass effects

Sep 17
If you can't get your fill of Mass Effect video glory, Gamevideos has released three more of them to ease your fix. The game still isn't coming out until November 20th of this year, but in the meantime, you can pret... read

New commercial totally wins teh Halos (Audio NTSFW)

Sep 14
Look, I drink...And the fastest way to my heart is to make me laugh. Or through my pants. Or to give me money. That's not important right now. What's important is that remixes of the new Halo ads are picking up on the interne... read

New World in Conflict trailer: They have both types, Magnum and P.I.

Aug 06
Sierra is about to release World in Conflict for the PC, and they have amped up the latest trailer with some Magnum P.I. love. Many sites are repoting that the game has a release date of August 15th, 2007 which is ... read

Microsoft launches new site for online repairs...

Aug 05
A few days ago, Microsoft launched a new site to make it easier to register and/or repair your Xbox 360. What does this mean for you? Hopefully, it wraps you in a pretty blanket that will keep you safe and warm. Our good... read

Make your own NES controller iPod remote

Aug 05
Look I drink...but I also love cool tech gadgets. Awhile back Aaron brought you coverage of a NES/iPod mod and I think I  have found you another one. As soon as I caught this, I knew that el Dtoid comunidad wou... read

The Hotness that was July (Industry folk)

Aug 02
Look, I am no journalist, but I can tell you who is sexy. July was a very sexy month, but this year at E3, we didn't get to harass hotties in tight outfits and come home and lie to our friends about totally hooking up wi... read

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