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7:45 PM on 02.25.2008

From Russia with pixels; the coolest picture you'll see today

[Updated with the 2005 and 2010 version! Remember Nex? This odd illustration still ranks amongst the most popular in the Destructoid Golden Archive; stories which I'm slowly restoring from our old publishing sy...

Earnest Cavalli

1:44 PM on 12.04.2007

Nex is leaving Destructoid: This is the end beautiful friend

All good things must come to an end and apparently that also applies to whatever it is that I do here.As you may have gleaned from the headline, this is my last post here at Destructoid. I've been offered a job with Wired, an...

Earnest Cavalli

7:50 PM on 12.02.2007

Two new No More Heroes clips (sponsored by TAMPAX Pearl)

The clips we've seen in the past from Suda51's No More Heroes have all been tiny snippets rife with hip surreality and stylized everything, but they haven't really shown us much of the game. The denizens of the 'net are hap...

Earnest Cavalli

11:14 AM on 12.02.2007

Destructoid's games of the week for 12/02/2007: Ulillillia edition!

"When you stare into the abyss the abyss stares back at you." -- Friedrich Nietzsche I want you all to watch that clip up there. Yes, all 8+ minutes of it. Done? Ok, that clip was the work of a man named...

Earnest Cavalli

7:38 PM on 12.01.2007

Fillerween 2007: Crescent Blue will make kids start reading again

Maybe it's the glee over playing in the snow all day like some kind of oversized, clumsy 6-year-old, maybe it's the cranberry and vodka cocktails I've been drinking, or maybe it's the fact that without overweight industry f...

Earnest Cavalli

12:38 PM on 12.01.2007

Little Miss Gamer: StarTropics: I TOO hate gender roles!

The Internet is too cynical.Sure, that's as ironic as my saying the Internet relies too heavily on obtuse references to the key figures of the second World War, but any of you disagreeing with me will only further prove m...

Earnest Cavalli

12:13 PM on 11.30.2007

Tekken 6 intro trailer: things were never this bad with the Jaguarador

Thanks to Gametrailers user andyelmo, we bring you the above: the arcade trailer for Namco's Tekken 6. Normally this is the point at which I'd gush about how excited I am to get another Tekken, but wow, that trailer was just...

Earnest Cavalli

10:05 PM on 11.29.2007

Rumor: Gamespot fires editor to appease Eidos: W.R. Hearst rolls in grave

Ladies and gentlemen, I would advise you to all to duck as there will almost certainly be a large amount of splatter coming from every fan near you as a result of the news I have to share.Primotech has a story up claiming ins...

Earnest Cavalli

7:41 PM on 11.29.2007

Three new PS3 TV spots: Sony's getting better about this sort of thing

Sony has a long, storied history with TV ads for this generation of gaming hardware. From the creepy to the annoying to the obviously-aimed-at-slow-children, they've been running the gamut of misfires in trying to promote t...

Earnest Cavalli

7:11 PM on 11.28.2007

Impressive study claims violent media worse than everything but smoking

Normally I'd be the first to point out the flaws in any scientific study purporting a real link between violent media and real-world violence, but this report on Yahoo News -- assuming it's accurate -- doesn't seem to have an...

Earnest Cavalli

2:29 PM on 11.28.2007

All Hands On Rock Band: Carrie Brownstein's Slate review

Sleater-Kinney is sort of an institution in my part of the world. See, they began in this tiny Northwest microculture and since then have gone on to the sort of bizarre limbo of indie groups where they're simultaneously unkno...

Earnest Cavalli

1:58 PM on 11.28.2007

Penny Arcade, IGN enter verbal kumite, provide idiotic filler for Ol' Nexy

There's nothing I like more than kinky sex in dangeous situations, like fellatio in a lion's cage or bondage play with jars of scorpions and firecrackers. Since that has nothing to do with this story though, let's assume I sa...

Earnest Cavalli

11:04 AM on 11.28.2007

Grand Theft Auto IV boxart revealed: All you white people look the same!

That clip up there is the just-released, brand-new, other-adjective-indicating-freshness reveal for the final boxart for Grand Theft Auto IV, the latest in Rockstar's series of controversial simulations based on the obvious...

Earnest Cavalli

11:54 AM on 11.27.2007

WGA members eye game writing as possible new gig, sadly

Those of you not living in the tremendous shadow of Harry Knowles may not be aware of this, but the Writers Guild of America -- the union containing almost every film and television writer in Hollywood -- is on strike. Since ...

Earnest Cavalli

3:39 PM on 11.26.2007

Deus Ex 3 debut trailer: this is what prostitution tastes like

The original Deus Ex is right at the top of my list of all-time favorite games. It occupies a spot sandwiched between Fallout 2 and the Age of Empires series, so saying I'm a fan of Warren Spector's baby is an understatemen...

Earnest Cavalli

11:27 AM on 11.26.2007

Breasts are awesome: uncut Need for Speed: ProStreet promo proves as much

Normally I'm really highbrow. I wear a smoking jacket at entirely inappropriate times, fill my pipe with the shredded remains of a Jane Eyre first edition and often refer to cars as "horseless cars." However, neithe...

Earnest Cavalli