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How would you pwn Saddam Hussein?

Nov 05
As I'm sure you're all aware by now, former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein was sentenced today to the gallows for his crimes against all that is holy to us decent folk. So, in honor of this happy occasion, we at Destructoid wo... read

Snagged from the most recent 1UP show, the boys at Ziff Davis give a fairly lengthy (almost 10 minutes!) and in-depth look at what to expect once Gears finally drops this week. From e... read feature

This week in Destructoid

Nov 05
We rock here at Destructoid. We rock so hard. In fact, we rock so hard, that no one can even compare to our overall rockiness. Look how much we rock: Dtoid life Hanging with Link and Heavy Melody Faith feels pretty Halo... read

Everyone has their PS3 but me!

Nov 05
Seriously Sony, what gives? I mean, 1UP just got their PlayStation 3 and even Crecente and his boy got theirs. I assume mine is still in the mail, since I'm on the East Coast and all. At least, I'm hoping that's the case. Y... read

The Internets are in Wii love overload

Nov 05
Since Nintendo invited a bunch of journos out for a sleepover with Zelda, it seems the Internet has exploded with Wii goo all over the place. You can't turn your head without getting a full load blasted straight in your fac... read

WoW guild hit with banstick

Nov 04
I love Blizzard. Why? Because they have no patience for those who look to cheat and exploit their way through games that are supposed to be fun, that are supposed to be an experience. That's why a big grin spread across my ... read

Wanna play the Wii? ... wait in line [Update]

Nov 04
So I just got back from a long day of venturing out to Queens to see some of the Machinima Festival and on my way back home decided to check out the Wii -- which is now playable -- at the Nintendo World Store. Sadly, for mo... read

1UP pulls NWN 2 review; mysterious black hole of gaming surrounds [Update]

Nov 03
[Update: We have the original review thanks to reader Lodin. Check after the jump for what has stirred this mini-controversy.] So, had 1UP never even mentioned that they pulled a Neverwinter Nights 2 review from 1UP and Ga... read

According to an employee posting at Evil Avatar, the Wiimotes have arrived to GameStop and it looks as if everything will be playable, if not today, then very soon. Check out what happened: As if on cue, the Nintendo rep w... read feature

Secret-handshake E3 invites coming soon; number will be even more limited

Nov 03
According to Entertainment Software Association boss Doug Lowenstein, the minds behind the new super-secret boys-and-girls-club cigar-room E3 are prepared to send out their golden tickets "in the next month or so." Furtherm... read

Greatest game eva in action! [Update]

Nov 03
Forget that stupid Zelda and Gears of War crap, it's all about the $3.99 Sneak King for me. Take a look at this HOT HOT HOT trailer for the upcoming Happy Meal game. Yeah, I know Happy Meals are a McDonald's thing, but I don't care. I'm so in love with the King, that I've lost my fast-food mind! [Update: OMGZ, here's PocketBike Racer!]  read

A view into EA's kick in your pouch

Nov 02
[Editor's note: After examining the "list" further, it is apparent the maker of the list has no clue what he or she is talking about. Clearly, I have none either. Still, it's worth it just for the Ducktales picture. --RS] ... read

Despite crap games, EA raking in millions

Nov 02
Game bugs and glitches be damned! EA is still gonna turn a profit off the ignorant gamer who sees an EA logo and has a "must buy" light blaze inside their empty skull. According to Gamasutra, EA's profits have hit record hi... read

EA continues to suck incredibly hard

Nov 02
EA is riding this microtransaction gravy train as long as they can and in a continued effort to milk the lazy gamer -- and also give the rich advantages over the poor -- EA is now offering up payable content for Need For Sp... read

If you can't be there first hand, well, enjoy this crappy video instead! Here's what those of you not lucky enough to live in the Big Apple are missing right now. I'm not entirely sure if other Toys R Us' around the nation have their own kiosks set up right now, but I know WE do -- and really, that's all that matters. read feature

I had heard that the Toys R Us in Times Square, NYC, had playable PlayStation 3 kiosks, luckily for me and you, that rumor is true. There is a station set up now with four units, but only one is playable. While I was there,... read feature

Pimp your 360 with Gears of War gear

Nov 01
As we all gear up for Gears of War (Did you like that pun? Did ya?), it should be noted that there are a bunch of 360 accessories splashed with the game's likeness. Mad Catz takes the lead with this stuff that Gizmodo found... read

It appears as though Mexican magazine Atomix has hit the Nintendo jackpot and got their Wii a bit early -- you know for reviews and such. Our gaming amigos were nice enough to post some pictures of this console porn. Does lookin' at this stuff give you a stiffy or is it just me? [Via Kotaku]  read feature

The Ziff Davis crew are real proud of their Halo 3 exclusivity, so they are being quite anxious to point out that what others are reporting and saying are wrong. Why? Cause their e-peen is so much bigger than everyone else'... read feature

Harrison: 40 online PS3 games in development

Nov 01
According to PlayStation blog Three Speech, Sony's bald boy wonder is promising at least 40 games for the PlayStation 3's online service that will kick Xbox Live Arcade's wimpy ass. His pimp hand is especially strong here: ... read

Wii preorders are for suckers

Nov 01
Why? Because Nintendo is pulling out all the stops and is ensuring that there will be a steady supply of their next console -- unlike some folks at Sony. In a press release this morning, big N assured the masses that everyt... read

After only being made available to those outside of North America's grasp, Microsoft has finally made available for us, the ones that count, the Rainbow Six Vegas demo. Consider it a bonus since this Wednesday's XBLA item i... read feature

All your Wii launch info is here

Oct 31
Want to know what you'll have to choose from come the Wii launch window? Well, lookie what Go Nintendo gathered up: • There will be 62 Wii titles available within the first 5 weeks of Wii launch. 32 of those titles are o... read

Play The Ship, for free!

Oct 31
Well, technically for free for four days (Nov. 2-5), but free is free, right? In case you haven't been staying up to date on your Steam knowledge, The Ship is a "massively mysterious thriller" where you're plopped on the de... read

First look: Splinter Cell Wii footage

Oct 31
Curious as to how Splinter Cell Double Agent was gonna look on the Wii? Well, satisfy that curiousity right this second with this video of it. Not only will you see how it looks graph... read

EB denies eBay/PS3 involvement

Oct 31
Remember how we told you EB/GameStop might be working in conjunction with Sony and eBay to cancel PlayStation 3 pre-orders that pop up on the auction house giant? Well, official word from the game retailer has shot down suc... read

Today I was invited by Philips to check out their upcoming amBX technology for PC gamers -- they are also in talks to bring this to consoles in the future -- and see what the fuss was all about concerning this light and fee... read feature

The Nintendo love song

Oct 31
Uh ... hmmm ... yeah, so, since this is Halloween and all, how about something a little terrifying for you? Have at this Nintendo love song *ahem* that is rapped *ahem* by someone who just loves Nintendo and how they "rarely fail." Scary stuff, really scary. [Via iBloggedThis] read

Dell is all up in F.E.A.R.'s bizznass

Oct 31
Do you love product placement? Does the thought of immersing yourself in a game that pride's itself in immersion but yet feels the need to throw greedy corporate logos in perfectly placed situations fill you with glee? Well... read

Microsoft bricks the modders

Oct 31
Life must be hard for a cheating no-good hacker. Not only do they have to spend hours upon hours trying to break games, consoles or PCs trying to get what they could have had had they actually spent that brain power in a re... read

Nintendo confirms Wii DVD

Oct 31
Well, it seems like the "we don't need a DVD player to compete" tagline is not officially out the window for Nintendo. The company has confirmed the rumor to that the Japanese will indeed get a DVD player ... read

Rumor: EB to cancel eBay PS3 preorders

Oct 30
According to "some dude" over at Evil Avatar, EB is going all Big Brother on the scoundrels who are selling their preorders of the PlayStation 3 on eBay. Check out this hot and sketchy rumor: Today during a conference call... read

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