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In case you missed last week's Nintendo ad ... uh, we mean South Park episode, to make the waiting time for the release of the Wii go faster, Cartman froze himself. But, instead of waking up in time for launch, he ended up 500 years in the future with a war about to begin and no Wii in sight. What will happen to Cartman now? Watch and see.
Crying babies, exploding Rubik's cubes. Do they think that's stylish? Well, they should take a look at this cheesy ad. It's the U.S. TV spot for Red Steel and unlike most other Red Steel videos, this one doesn't suck. This is probably due to the fact that they increased retarded movements and added a bad ass Sensei.
Halloween is knocking on the door and Game Trailers went ahead and did the cliché thing by putting together a list of the "Top ten scariest games" of all time. Well known games like Silent Hill and Resident Evil are named, but also some morbid classics like Darkseed got their 15 seconds of fame. Any improvement suggestions? [Via TechEBlog]
These are scans from a German gaming magazine for Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles and the article says that the game is settled in various timelines and places from the series. You will also be able to play as the known m...
This is a new promotional trailer for the Wii that comes straight from the Electronic Games Show in Mexico and it makes a pretty good impression about the Wii and its games. The trailer starts with some crappy looking minigames, but the quality grows on you as the video moves along. [Via GoNintendo]
So basically this is looking like Call of Duty 1.8 but I don't have any problems with it, cause I can imagine that it could be a lot of fun with the Wiimote. Video quality is crap, the player is obviously a noob and there is no ingame sound but at least you can hear the peaceful ring collection sound of Sonic. [Via Jeuxfrance]
Watch these girls balance with the weight of the world on their shoulders. Watch them kicking crabs asses and rubbing backs of innocent wales with their dynamic breasts. There is definitely some epic stuff in there.
So you thought the weird Half Life 2 videos you have seen in the past were funny, eh?! Some of them were good, I have to agree, only few were really funny. But you have no idea how fawking funny Half Life 2 can be, if you ...
Rockstar Games has released the debut trailer for their upcoming hard-boiled noir thriller L.A. Noire. A few days ago Rockstar released a short teaser that didn't really show anything stalwart. So, this trailer delivers the first exciting impression that makes me curious about the real game. Sad footnote: L.A. Noire is a PlayStation 3 exclusive.
I don't want to waste your time with chitchat. This is a short compilation of brand new, hand picked and excellent gameplay videos that will make you wanna scream from an orgasm. Above is Alan Wake, click on for more. Assassin's Creed Bioshock Kane & Lynch: Dead Men
Today, Rockstar announced that they will publish a Team Bondis next-generation title called L.A. Noire. No specific console has been named, but in 2004 they were talking about a PlayStation 3 release. The crime thriller plays in the late 1940s and the first trailer will be released on the Oct. 5. Official homepage
This is a 14-minute-long gameplay video from Bioshock including an informative developer commentary. I was already impressed by the artworks and screen shots I've seen before, but this new gameplay footage emphasizes one more time how amazing this game is going to be.
This is the first video that shows some real gameplay footage. While the video quality is crap, you can see how dynamic the movements of the weapons are and I can predict that this game will be hella fun. But oh boy, the absent multiplayer mode is a biiiiig mistake, Activision.
Oh boy, this is such an amazing trailer. Why? Because Ubisoft seems to have done some quality work here, giving us some hilarious and imaginative gameplay moments to get our Wii juices flowing. [Via Gaygamer]
From Kotaku. This is an ultrafast video game history lesson. How many video games can you recognize?
You've heard that Microsoft cancelled the great "Halogen" Fan RTS. It was already bad news and now there is this awesome trailer that makes it even worse.
Zoom in Zoom in Yeah, your eyes do not deceive you, these are two new screens from that fawking brilliant game that makes you drool everytime you see it. [via xboxyde]
What looks like a great teaser trailer from Hollywood, is in fact a kickass homage produced by student Justin Seau for his digital video editing class. I hope some day this guy decides to make a whole movie. [via Aeropause]
Two days ago we reported about Assassin's Creed is coming to the PC. Today IGN received the info that everyone is waiting for from Ubisoft themselves. Assassin's Creed is coming to the Xbox 360. I think this game is going to be the bomb and I think there is no reason left for me to buy a PS3. Read the whole article here.
Holy shit! Now this looks like tons of fun. The destructuble environment is impressive and the whole John Woo moves and actions look brilliant! Great stuff.
This is a great Mega Man suit you can get in Dead Rising when you kill 60000 zombies. Not only that it looks hilarious when you slash the zombies. You can even use the Mega Buster to shoot them!
Right now, Ubisoft just doesn't make any mistakes. According to subscribers that have received an early copy of UK's PC Gamer magazine, Assassin's Creed will be announced for PC at the end of this week. "Sharpen your jagge...
This is an interesting video of Madden '07 for the Wii. The graphics are decent and there is some dude that explains how the Wii controls work for this game.
The animations. The sound. His face!! This is sooo hilarious. I have to get my hands on this game!
This is a video of Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam that has been filmed at the Leipzig Games Convention.
This is the new LGC trailer to Half Life 2: Episode 2. You can get a 350 MB big package with every Valve-related video that was shown during the GC event here.
This is a video from the LGC that shows the next-gen Indiana Jones game and it's revolutionary new technology "Euphoria." The commentator explains that because of "Euphoria" you won't see the same animation twice in this game, no matter how often you play the same scene. Pretty impressive stuff.
This video shows various impressive gameplay scenes, including a full crowded night club that looks like it is right from a Michael Mann film. Kane & Lynch: Dead Men is a new title from the developers of Hitman and Freedom Fighters.
Now this is some wicked material and it looks so brilliant. View the whole gallery after the jump.
This new Crysis trailer has been released at the LGC. The trailer introduces you to the world of Crysis, it explains the gameplay system, various tactics and how important the use of the physics is. You can view 5 multipla...
This game looks so sweet..
This is another new gameplay video from the LGC. It shows good ol' Sam in his good ol' suit.
A new Team Fortress 2 trailer was released during the LGC. Looks like a hell of a lot of fun.
The LGC brings so much goodness...This new in-game video shows some impressive gameplay moves.
A new trailer was released at the LGC and it looks as expected: great.
Rockstar uploaded this new trailer to their upcoming PS2 game Bully. To be honest these aren't the best graphics to grace the PS2 console, but nevertheless it looks like a fun game with big potential. [via Worthplaying]
New images from Assassin's Creed has been released and I have to say, this is still my most wanted PS3 game. View the rest of the gallery after the jump.
Just one word: Awesome!
This new in-game video appeared recently on the interweb and shows various impressive stealth actions by land, air, and sea.
"What's going on in Leipzig?" you may ask yourself. I've got an interesting video for you to watch, showing some booths and giving a first impression of the event. Also, here is an early fighting tech demo to the upcoming game Fable 2, including commentary by Peter Molyneux himself.