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Connect360 update enables Mac users to stream DivX and Xvid files

Dec 08
If you own a Mac, by now you've become used to the idea of watching on the sidelines while your PC pals have all the fun. They burned all those strictly legal backup games for their Dreamcasts with the slightest of ease, thre... read

MacGyver trick juices up your 360 WiFi

Dec 03
 How does it feel to pay a hundred smackers for a 360 Wireless Network Adapter, when the teensy little Wii comes with a free Mitsumi 802.11b/g wireless module, right out of the box? After absconding from the Amazon wareh... read

If you've had your ear to the ground, then you're probably aware of the feisty diva of gossip and news who splashed onto the videogame press scene this year. Surfer Girl Reviews Star Wars has quickly become one of my favorite... read feature


Super Mario Galaxy available: Best Buys break street date

Nov 08
If you want it, here it is, come and get it, but you better hurry cause it's going fast. Rumors about the purported release of Super Mario Galaxy are scorching the internet tonight like a California wildfire. In particular, t... read

Destructoid Interview: Castlevania's Koji Igarashi

Oct 22
Koji Igarashi leads a busy life. When he's not breathing new energy into neglected classic games like Rondo of Blood, he's touring the world, fedora poised perfectly atop his head somewhere between arch-ironic and humble sinc... read

This week's VC releases: prove you're tough edition

Oct 15
 A new challenger, Gate of Thunder, has entered the Virtual Console's already formidable shmup cage match.  One of the pack-in release games for the TurboDuo, Gate of Thunder is an excellent, albeit unoriginal game ... read

Bargain Bin Laden #26: Taito Legends 1 & 2

Oct 11
[Hey all, Linde here. I know it's been awhile since I've been regular with the BBL updates, but what with review crew and Podtoid and all, keeping it up to date has been kinda tough. But rather than let the ol' column fizzle ... read

Miyamoto depressed when creating Lost Levels, suggests Nintendo executive

Oct 05
When thumbing through the pages of The Ultimate History of Video Games, by Steven L. Kent,  I came across a striking statement from Howard Phillips about Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels. For those of you not old enoug... read

  I like to think of myself as a member of that special breed of videogame connoisseurs who actually enjoys it when games dole out cruel punishment. There's something perversely delightful about missing that ledge j... read feature


NextFest 07: Electroplankton invades reality, then 'plays itself'

Sep 15
File this under W, for "way cooler than Sea-Monkeys." Japanese electronics scholar Satoko Moroi has created what amounts to a real life version of Electroplankton. After spending hands-on time with her art installat... read

NextFest 07: Mutant hamster genius takes gamers to school

Sep 14
A hamster named Luden virtually murdered me in a videogame today. I happened upon the little fella by chance at Wired's NextFest in Los Angeles, the annual technology expo aimed at dethroning the Chicago World's Fair as Ameri... read

Hands-on: Medal of Honor Heroes 2

Sep 08
As a committed pacifist, I can't believe what I'm about to write. I played a war game at EA's offices this week and found it downright delightful.  Those of you who follow the Medal of Honor series closely probably found... read

If you own a Wii, chances are you’ve spent the last month biting your fingernails to the quick in anticipation for the final installment in the Metroid Prime series, Corruption. For the hardcore crowd, there’s a l... read feature


Wii're not gonna take it: GarageGames chats about Nintendo and indie development

Aug 30
Remember that time you got really motivated, gathered your thoughts, threw away all the cheetos and Maxims cluttering up your living room, cleaned off your desk and actually took on that project you'd been dreaming about? You... read

PAX 2007: Dead Head Fred hands-on

Aug 28
PAX 2007 was a veritable maelstrom of partying, gaming, schmoozing, pavement pounding, murder scene investigating, and sexual assault. The Destructoid crew represented at PAX in full force by booking the crooks that have been... read

[This little gem just screams out to the collector inside of me, as well as the rest of the staff. No, really. I had half the staff yelling at me to promote this story. It's a little hard to do from Boston on a BlackBerry tha... read feature


Some people call him the hatch cowboy; some people call him the gangster of love. But to us he’s just Hurley, the immensely likeable everyman on the TV show Lost. For series stalwarts, Jorge Garcia has become the main... read feature

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