If you game on iOS, watch this Dark Meadow trailer now! - destructoid

If you game on iOS, watch this Dark Meadow trailer now!

1:00 PM on 09.24.2011

Jim Sterling

Former Reviews Editor

I really can't say it much simpler than that. If you like gaming on iOS devices, then Phosphor has a launch trailer for The Dark Meadow that I think you should see.

Using the Unreal UDK, this is a horror/combat game with what looks like a really twisted story. The presentation is fantastic and the visuals are damn beautiful. Of course, the real test will come when we play it for ourselves, but I'm certainly excited to see what it delivers. 

If this game turns out well, it will make me even more hopeful for Phosphor's larger project, Awakened. We'll see what happens when the game launches next month.

[Via Touch Arcade]

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Jim Sterling
Former Reviews Editor follow

5:00 PM on 11.23.2011
The Dark Meadow update

The Dark Meadow now on sale for one pathetic dollar!

5:00 PM on 10.10.2011
The Dark Meadow update

Review: The Dark Meadow

12:45 PM on 08.02.2011
The Dark Meadow update

The Dark Meadow gets spooky trailer, spooky screens

6:45 PM on 07.21.2011
The Dark Meadow update

The Dark Meadow screens are all spooky n' stuff

4:30 PM on 07.19.2011
The Dark Meadow update

Phosphor games bringing The Dark Meadow to iOS

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