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id demos Rage on 360, promises smooth gaming on PS3

9:40 AM on 05.04.2010 // Nick Chester

At a Bethesda Softworks press event last month, id Software brought out the latest build of its upcoming first-person shooter, Rage. Previously shown only running on a PC, the developer pulled out its Xbox 360 kits to demonstrate the game.

But what of the PlayStation 3? id Software's Tim Willits says not to worry, that the engine that powers Rage, idTech 5, is "true cross-platform technology."

"We demoed on the 360 here today," he explained, "but our program director actually said 'Do you want to take the PS3? I think it's actually running better.'"

Hard to imagine it could be "running better" than what we saw. On a big screen, Rage looked gorgeous on Microsoft's console, with impressive lighting effects and a smooth framerate even when the action got hot. id seems confident that regardless of platform, its tech is going to bring a stellar first-person action experience to players -- no console wars chicanery here, thank you very much.

I'll have more details and impressions of Rage soon; in the meantime, check out these hot new screens. And no, I don't know what platform they were grabbed from... just enjoy 'em, will ya?

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