I've been looping Hohokum's OST all day and you can too - destructoid

I've been looping Hohokum's OST all day and you can too

5:45 PM on 07.31.2014

Steven Hansen

Features Editor

Make the day better

Sometimes I worry not enough of you appreciate how good Hohokum is. It has a poop factory. 

It also has a great soundtrack, which I've been listening to on repeat for most of this dragging day. You can, too. Just click here. And if you like it enough that you want to buy it when it comes out on August 12, just click here.

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Steven Hansen
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2:00 PM on 08.16.2014
Hohokum update

Review: Hohokum

Seeking hay in a needle stack
1:15 PM on 07.23.2014
Hohokum update

I'm afraid not enough people will play Hohokum

Prove me wrong!
2:00 PM on 06.04.2014
Hohokum update

Chill out with Hohokum on August 12

If you have a PS3, PS4, or PS Vita, you'll want to play this
2:00 PM on 05.08.2014
Hohokum update

Hohokum out this summer for PS4, PS3, and PS Vita

Just the prettiest game ever
3:15 PM on 03.26.2014
Hohokum update

Hohokum soothes the minds of everyone who plays it

Seriously, it's like visual therapy
3:45 PM on 03.10.2014
Hohokum update

Unfair: Gorgeous Hohokum shows off the Fun Fair

It's unfair because I want it now
1:15 PM on 06.13.2013
Hohokum update

I lost track of time with the laid-back Hohokum

Weird name, amazing game

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