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I said 'Damn!' at these LEGO Pokemon customs

10:30 PM on 03.07.2012 // Tony Ponce

I need to pay closer attention to my email inbox! I almost completely missed these amazing, amazing, amazing works of art!

Over the last few years, LEGO sculptor Mike "retinence" Nieves has been constructing facsimiles of various Pokémon using LEGO pieces from the Bionicle and, more recently, Hero Factory lines. They're highly poseable, incredibly detailed, and stupidly awesome. He would plug anywhere from a handful of hours to 40 on any one set! That's dedication!

You can catch a few more shots at his Flickr page above, or you can visit his deviantART gallery, where you can find tons of other insane LEGO masterpieces.

You've gotta catch these custom Lego Pokemon [Tomopop]

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