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Huge News of the Week: Freaky Console-tina Wars

7:15 PM on 12.16.2013  ·  Jonathan Holmes

It's the best news show ever on Destructoid EVER

Hello Huge members! We've got a very special episode of your super-secret news show this week, featuring a guest appearance by Dtoid legend and Escapist Reviews Editor Jim "Jimquisition" Sterling. For years, Jim Sterling and Destructoid were synonymous for a lot of people. I'd tell people at PAX or E3 that I worked at Dtoid, and they'd respond with excitement (or disdain) "Oh right! Jim Sterling's website." We're still "working" together on The Dismal Jesters, but I still feel his absence on Dtoid everyday, like phantom limb pain in the shape of a sometimes controversial, hilarious and insightful third leg. 

Jim's over at the Escapist full time now, but I'm going to try to lure him back onto DH Not W whenever I have the chance. This week also includes numbers on the newly current gen consoles wars, news on Cliffy B's next game, Pikmin 3 and Dead Rising 3 DLC, a singing reviews round-up, a mesh tank top, and so much more. Thanks so much for tuning in, and remember to send your questions and comments to [email protected]

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