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Here's your debonair new Far Cry 4 protagonist, guys

6:30 PM on 06.18.2014

Brittany Vincent

Former Associate Editor

Pretty fetching, no?

Meet Ajay Ghale, your dashing new Far Cry 4 protagonist. Ubisoft has released the very first official image of the guy you're going to potentially spend hours upon hours chasing down and killing dudes with, and he looks like a real baller, shot caller.

After traveling to Kyrat on account of his mother's dying wish, he becomes embroiled in a civil war against the maniacal Pagan Min. That's that other evil-looking blonde dude featured on the cover art that everyone Photoshopped.

I'm actually a fan of this character design. What do you guys think? You know what I'll be an even bigger fan of? Seeing the game in action. I just don't know if it'll ever trump the first time I met Vaas.


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Brittany Vincent
Former Associate Editor
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