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Here's everything that happened at Sony's E3 conference photo
Here's everything that happened at Sony's E3 conference

10:17 PM on 06.10.2013

Sony killed it

As I said in my Ubisoft wrap-up post, Sony needed to bring it tonight -- and bring it they did. With massive announcements like Kingdom Hearts 3, Final Fantasy XV, and a major slap to Microsoft's DRM-loving anti-consumer practices not once, but twice, Sony was the conference to beat today. I may be getting an Xbox One out of obligation to coverage, but I am legitimately excited for the PlayStation 4.

Sony had a lot to talk about today, so strap yourselves in for what was easily the best conference of E3 so far. Nintendo will follow-up tomorrow morning at 7AM PST.

The Walking Dead coming to PS Vita with new episode!

Batman: Arkham Origins gets Knightfall DLC on PS3

Exclusive GTA V bundle and headset coming to PS3

Here is what your PlayStation 4 looks like!

The Elder Scrolls Online also coming to PS4

Sony bringing a bunch of music, shows, and movies to PS4

Driveclub, Knack, and Killzone: SF are PS4 launch titles

The Order: 1866 announced for Playstation 4

Bastion follow-up Transistor to make console debut on PS4

Diablo III to have exclusive items on PS3

Kingdom Hearts 3 is finally announced!

Final Fantasy Versus XIII is now Final Fantasy XV                                                    

Maurice needs to be Sony's new mascot

Slew of indie titles announced at Sony's conference

Videogame Lebron James is a nightmare

PlayStation 4 won't restrict used games or use DRM

Mad Max from Just Cause dev Avalanche Studios announced

Sony details EXACTLY how to share games on PS4

Evading the cops and using tablets in Watch Dogs

PlayStation Plus will carry over to PS4, DriveClub free

PlayStation 4 priced at $399

PS4 and Vita cloud service available in 2014

Multiplayer may be subscription-only on PS4

Killzone looks just gorgeous on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita

The Destiny debut we've been waiting for

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12:45 PM on 09.02.2014
gamescom gaining on E3 for PR impact

We don't attend videogame trade shows for their "PR impact," but it is interesting to hear that gamescom is gaining on E3 as far as that measurement is concerned. Analytics company ICO Partners says that the European event is...more

2:45 PM on 07.09.2014
Of course Sony rewrote their PlayStation 4 script for E3 2013

In a move that should shock absolutely no one, it appears that Sony actually did rewrite bits and pieces of its E3 2013 presentation after witnessing Microsoft's own announcements crash and burn.  Sony Computer Entertain...more

2:30 PM on 07.01.2014
Evolve, No Man's Sky win big at the E3 Game Critics Awards

The Game Critics Awards for E3 2014, as determined by 29 media outlets including Destructoid, have been announced. After seeing the nominations, it's no surprise that Turtle Rock's one-versus-four multiplayer shooter Evolve c...more

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