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Heart of the Swarm playable at MLG Spring Championship

3:00 PM on 04.27.2012

Patrick Hancock


During MLG's Spring Championship on June 8-10, attendees will get a special preview of the upcoming StarCraft II expansion, Heart of the Swarm. For those who will actually be in Anaheim for the event, there will be a ton of demo stations available for you to try out the latest multiplayer build of the game. Otherwise, you can purchase a spectator pass and watch the live streams over the Internet.

Update notes are available on the StarCraft II blog, detailing a lot of changes from the version they announced at BlizzCon. It bums me out a bit to see the Replicant, a Protoss unit able to transform into almost any enemy unit, cut from the expansion. I do love that they're playing with the idea of ditching the Thor from the Terran arsenal, though. Outside of some amazing Thor drops, they're just too much hassle to be as effective as Blizzard would like. The new Warhound unit looks to be a mini-Thor which sounds not only useful but ADORABLE.

Is anyone else super excited for more information on Heart of the Swarm's multiplayer? Do you feel your race is getting the short end of the stick?

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