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Hawken unveils new Predator mech and co-op mode

4:00 PM on 10.31.2013

Alasdair Duncan


After the Ascension update, more content is coming for the free-to-play title

I was really happy with the changes that were made in the major Ascension update for Hawken; I was already a fan of the free-to-play, mech shooter but the improved tutorial and unlocks encouraged me to play more of the game. Now, a new update called Invasion is giving players the chance to unlock a new mech class and try out a new four-player co-op mode.

The new mech is entitled the Predator and you can tell why; it's a short-range combat model that is equipped with a cloaking device that renders it invisible to enemy radar. The Predator's heat vision is its primary way of hunting down enemy mechs, as it suffers from a reduced radar distance. Armed with a devastating short-range spike gun, called the Breacher, and a proximity mine launcher, this is a mech meant for pilots who like getting in close.

Invasion will also let gamers try out a new co-op mode that can pit four players against a wave of enemy mechs, drones, and boss mechs. It looks similar to your standard horde mode, where your team will face off against a big group of enemies with the chance to upgrade your mech's abilities in between waves. I've been trying to get some friends into playing Hawken with me and this looks like a great way to learn the basics before trying out the competitive side. 

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