We're giving out 10,000 Hawken beta codes right now! - destructoid

We're giving out 10,000 Hawken beta codes right now!

2:30 PM on 11.11.2012

Giant robots going pew pew pew

For those of you who don't know, Hawken is an awesome first-person mech shooter for the PC with a focus on fast and twitch style gameplay. Plus it also looks amazing! How could you not want to play this? The open beta starts on December 12, but you could be playing right now in the second close beta event that's started up today.

To play Hawken right now, just head over to Play Hawken, sign up for an account, then go to the Redeem Code section and enter this code: HAWKEN_DTOID

Once accepted, download the game and you're good to go. We have 10,000 of these codes to offer up so spread the word to your friends!

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8:30 PM on 03.16.2015
Hawken update

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Hawken launches its Christmas map and Wreckage update

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Here's an exclusive look at the next new mech for Hawken

The new medium Raider class mech

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