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Hardware: Shipbreakers in action

8:00 PM on 05.29.2013

Fraser Brown

Former Contributor

Homeworld on land

The engine trails, a squad of flying vessels moving as one, the tactical map, that music -- yep, Hardware: Shipbreakers looks a lot like Homeworld, and I couldn't be happier. Sure, the textures don't look great, and the jets seemed to have a problem when changing elevation, but it's still early days.

Most importantly, the rather lovely style of the concept art has been retained in the game proper, and that tiny snippet of action at the end looked groovy. It might not be much more than a wee taste, but after all the prior vagueness, it's a veritable feast. 

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That's one gigantic truck
Along with the soundtrack, concept art, and land naming rights
Or so developer Blackbird Interactive hopes
Closed beta starts soon

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