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Hands-on with Major League Eating: The Game for WiiWare

4:46 PM on 04.17.2008 // Hamza CTZ Aziz

FOX, sometimes you had some the greatest ideas for T.V. shows ever.

Anyway, last week, I along with Husky Hog and Gandalf2Go had the opportunity of playing Mastiff's Major League Eating: The Game for Nintendo's WiiWare. I was pretty skeptical when the game was first announced, and after getting some hands-on with the game, I'm still not exactly sure what to think of the game.

In any case, the game was surprisingly fun to play. Then again, being able to burp into your rivals face in order to screw them up will always make for a winning combination. Hit the jump for Gandalf2Go and my preview of Major League Eating: The Game for WiiWare.

To start off, you have about a dozen real life pro eaters you can choose from. All of these characters are real athletes that have set records for eating the most amount of food in a set amount of time. After you pick your character, you get to pick what type of foods you want to eat. Pizza, shrimp, corn, hot dogs, hamburgers, meatballs, ribs and burritos are all up for consumption.

From there, you square off against an opponent and try to eat as much as you can. To eat, all you have to do is move the Wiimote up to your mouth to grab food items like pizzas and burritos. To eat stuff like Wings and corn, you have to move the Wiimote from side-to-side as if you were really eating corn. There's also another method of eating when it comes to the smaller foods such as jalapeños and shrimp. Just flick the Wiimote and your character will toss the food into his or her mouth. 

There's a little icon that represents your mouth on the top of the screen. Once you put food in your mouth, the mouth icon starts to fill up with the food you've eaten and a little set of mini-teeth starts to move across your mouth. Once there's something in your mouth, you have to press the B button to chew the food and swallow. You have to be careful though as there's a chance that you might miss the food you're trying to eat and bit down on your tongue or mouth. If that happens, your character gets hurt and stops eating for a few seconds. 

You have to eat as fast as possible but you have to be careful at the same time. You have something called the Barf-O-Meter and if you barf up your food, then you've automatically lost. There's another icon that represents your stomach on the screen. If the green goo gets too close to your mouth, all you have to do is shake the Wiimote and you'll calm your stomach down. This, as it turns out, is based off a real strategy professional food eaters use when in a competition. They will shake their belly to help them digest the food. 

Players can also gain items Guitar Hero/Mario Kart style. At certain points, the food you eat will come with an attack power up that you can use to screw your opponent up with. Burp, breath fire, and other attacks will be utilized to stun your opponents and make their barf meter rise up too.

Finally, the game will support WiFi matches and will have leaderboards too. I do plan on playing the game again once it's released sometime in May. Mainly because you can play as a fucking bear. Not just any bear mind you. You play as the bear you just watched in the video above that ate all the hotdogs. A bear! YOU CAN PLAY AS A BEAR!

Now let me hand off the rest of this preview over to Destructoid's good friend, Gandalf2Go. He tagged along with us to the event and talks a little about the eating competition that took place and our epic battle in MLE: The Game.


So, we all love eating right? Some of us more than others [Editor's note: Gandalf wanted me to use a picture of him here. I don't feel like it. It's supposed to be a fat joke. Gandalf is fat. Hahah. -- CTZ] Seriously, who hasn’t been sitting at a table full of food and been challenged to consume as much as possible, as fast as they can? Anyway, as you might have guessed, I myself have been known to participate in a few eating competitions. In fact I consumed 29 White Castle burgers taking the Spring Weekend championship at my college, but what can I say, I love those burgers.

Well that brings me to the point of this post -- CTZ, Husky and I got the chance to check out some Major League Eating in person at the recent Nintendo and Mastiff Event last Friday. It comes on the tail end of the Nintendo Summit to which we didn’t receive an invitation to. We met up on the 15th floor (I think) of the Cliff Hotel in San Francisco where we heard that Major League Eating Champion “Eater X” (Tim Janus) would attempt to shove more raw fish into his mouth than an orally fixated Latino in just six minutes. So we show up figuring, sweet, sushi all around, WIN! Not so much. We walked in and were greeted by some of the PR folks from Michael Meyers and they gave us a sheet to guess what his final sushi count would be. We complied our answers and handed over our, as we found out VERY low guesses. We then walked around the corner to catch an awesome view of SF from the windows and a table full of … cheese and crackers ... Very pinky up guys, very pinky up. We fed ourselves on a plethora of soft cheeses and sliced artisan breads but to be honest, with such gluttony about to take place I expected something a little more extravagant, or at least voluminous. Seriously, where were the buckets of KFC and hot dogs? I digress. The real reason we’re here is to see this guy stuff his face then check out the game. Here’s how it went:

Mastiff rep gets on the mike and tells us how it’s going to happen, makes many puns about throwing up disqualifying eater x and we start the countdown. Eater X starts to consume sushi at an alarming rate while drinking lemonade to force it down. Time ends and he’s taken down 141 pieces in 6 minutes. Good job X! Everyone claps, the winners are named and we get some hands on with the game. I’m not ashamed to tell you that I lost, but only because I didn’t pay attention to my “barf meter” – sometimes you get caught up in chewing and don’t realize you’re packing food all the way up your esophagus which apparently causes you to puke. CTZ wasn’t eating as fast, but he managed to keep it all in and that led him to his win. It’s not over by the way, CTZ will fall.


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