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Hamza finds out why Orcs Must Die!

10:00 AM on 06.19.2011

Bob Muir


We first got some hands-on impressions of Orcs Must Die! back in February, but Hamza wanted to check in on how the game was doing at E3. So, he talked with Robot Entertainment's Justin Korthof about what the game was like while I shot a bunch of footage of the game. If you've forgotten the premise, there are orcs, they want to get into your Rift, and you have to stop them using a third-person combat mixed with tower defense tactics.

It looks pretty fun, but I'm really sad there's no multiplayer planned for now. I can imagine complex map set-ups that would be awesome to defend with a friend or two. Here's hoping that once Robot Entertainment confirms the platforms Orcs Must Die! will release on, it can manage to get some co-op action in.

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Bob Muir
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Orcs Must Die!, and they will on PC, XBLA this summer

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