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Halo Reach October update now live, changes stuff

3:00 AM on 10.06.2010 // Conrad Zimmerman

So, I haven't played Halo: Reach yet. That means that nuch of this list of updates to the game's multiplayer is a complete mystery to me. I don't know what "Crazy King" is, for example, and am forced to presume that it has something to do with the final days of King Henry the VIII and his mental deterioration due to syphilis. 

Some game modes have been moved from one playlist to another. There have been adjustments to game balance. The list is absolutely huge, really. Rather than try to further guess what it all could mean, I've posted it below for your convenience. Perhaps through your discussion of whether these changes are wonderful or not, I can ascertain what more of this cryptic and mysterious language says.

Also, I know they told us not to ask, but can anyone tell me what "Fountain of Mongeese" means? I wouldn't have cared, but in saying that we shouldn't make a query on the subject, they've only heightened my curiosity.

Halo: Reach October Playlist Update [Bungie]



Rumble Pit 


  • Added Crazy King 
  • Added Juggernaut 
  • Removed Oddball on Asylum 


Team Slayer 


  • Removed SWAT 
  • Removed Classic 
  • Weights adjusted based on voting data 


Team SWAT (New!) 


  • Based on existing Team Slayer SWAT offering 
  • Removed Hemorrhage 
  • Replaced Zealot with Arena Zealot map variant 


Team Objective 


  • Added Crazy King 
  • Added several gametypes on Powerhouse (CTF, Assault, Stockpile, Crazy King, 3 Plots) 
  • Removed heavy vehicles from all 4v4 Team Objective gametypes 


Multi Team 


  • Added Rocket Race 


Big Team Battle 


  • Added Crazy King 
  • Removed SWAT 
  • Removed Snipers from Boneyard 
  • Weights adjusted based on voting data 


Doubles Arena 


  • Removed Slayer Pro for Season 2 
  • Removed Boardwalk 
  • Replaced Zealot with Arena Zealot map variant 


Team Arena 


  • Removed Slayer Pro for Season 2 
  • Replaced Zealot with Arena Zealot map variant 




Arena Zealot (New!) 


  • Added a softkill zone to the space area 
  • Modified initial spawns so enemies cannot see each other 




  • Objects can no longer be dropped into the boot_base 




  • Removed multiple duplicate Headhunter score zones 




  • Changed the base object for territories from a hill marker to a flag stand 
  • Objects can no longer come to rest on the out of bounds cliff behind the scaffolding where the Invasion core is captured 
  • Players can no longer sit in the out of bounds area under the ship scaffolding 




  • Health Packs should not respawn after 15 seconds 




  • Landmine removed from Red team's west cliff 
  • Respawn time for all Mongoose vehicles is now 45 seconds 
  • Scorpions replaced with Wraiths (4 minute respawn) 




  • Respawn timer for Concussion Rifle at Red base is now 30 seconds to match Concussion Rifle at Blue base 




  • Changed the base object for territories from a hill marker to a flag stand 




  • Changed the base object for territories from a hill marker to a flag stand 




  • Respawn timer for all Needler weapons is now 45 seconds 




Global Changes 


  • Slayer DMR now has motion tracker enabled 
  • Evade has replaced Hologram for all gametypes in which players can hold objects (CTF, Assault, Stockpile, Oddball) 
  • Evade has replaced Dropshield for gametypes which create concentrated gameplay in specific areas (Crazy King, Territories, Oddball) 
  • All Classic gametypes should now include Sprint as default equipment 


King of the Hill 


  • Teams are now always able to correctly score points 
  • Players standing in the hill no longer receive extra points upon returning from a host migration 


Rocket Race 


  • Players now attached to vehicles after being on foot for 10 seconds 
  • Flipped vehicles will be detected to prevent players from attaching to a non-upright vehicle 
  • Added functionality for tracking and reporting rotations 
  • Fountain of Mongeese should no longer be possible (don't ask) 
  • Players are no longer able to jack another teams Mongoose 
  • Players are no longer forced into a specific role of driver or gunner 
  • All players start with a Rocket Launcher 
  • Players move at 50% speed, do significantly reduced damage and are marked with a nav icon 
  • Players on foot are now able to score points in Rocket Race 




  • The Juggernaut no longer sees other players as allies upon returning from a host migration 
  • New clients after a host migration will no longer lose their Juggernaut status 




  • All teams now have separate capture timers for each territory 
  • Locked territories will no longer prevent players from using equipment 
  • The flag in the territory is now attached if the territory is a flag stand object 
  • Added a HUD_Widget to display contested status to players inside a territory 
  • The progress bar for a territory will now show as full when that territory is being contested (capture progress is saved and will appear again once the territory is no longer contested) 
  • Random flag clothes will no longer disappear after a round transition 




  • Bombs in Hot Potato now properly report carry time 
  • Multiple hot potato bombs will no longer spawn in the same location 
  • The carry time reported stat will now always be correct after a host migration has occurred 
  • Players carrying the oddball during a host migration will no longer receive extra points 




  • All stockpile flags are now attached to their spawn location if it is a flag stand 




  • The game score is now set per frame tick based off of the current phase 
  • A failsafe game end timer has been added to catch any possible bad cases of Invasion games not ending properly 


Invasion: Boneyard 


  • The core will now reset whenever it is thrown through a shield door into a spawning location in Phase 3 


Invasion (Assault) and Assault 


  • Added sudden death to Invasion (Assault) and Assault gametypes 




  • Players who die before the first checkpoint will no longer spawn in a random location on the map



Conrad Zimmerman, Moustache
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