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Gunpoint demo available now, releases next week

3:00 PM on 05.28.2013

Patrick Hancock


Stealthy hacky punch-that-guy game

Gunpoint, and indie game about hacking, sneaking, and knocking guys through windows, now has a demo available on the main site for you all to get your certainly-grubby mitts on. Pre-orders are also available, with the base game costing only $9, a whole $1 off of the retail price! Also, you should totally pre-order through the developer's website, since you'll get a DRM-free copy plus a Steam copy and you know where most of your money is going.

After finishing the demo, I feel as if a week has never been further away in my life. The game is great at making players feel like complete badasses, frog-jumping their way around the map while simultaneously wiring a light switch to open a door. Play the demo and if you like it, pre-order the game.

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