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Gungho announces Ragnarok Online for DS, among other things

9:47 AM on 07.05.2007 // Joseph Leray

From what I gather from this poorly translated Famitsu article, Gungho Online Entertainment recently held a business meeting in Tokyo, wherein they announced 3 new games coming to Nintendo's dual-screen über-handheld. The most important of these announcements, in my humble opinion, is that a certain spritely, Korean MMO darling will make its way to the DS sometime next year.

If you were thinking Maple Story, then I'm glad to disappoint. Details are unbearably scant about Ragnarok Online DS, with absolutely mention of plot details or WiFi capabilities. Are DS users going to be able to play RO as an MMORPG, or will this be a traditional, single-player spin-off of the Ragunaroku-verse? Also, will anyone go to jail this time?

As if you haven't spruced your DS enough, also discussed was Aquazone: Saltwater Fishes, in which you raise and play with a digital aquarium of tropical fish. Why they haven't named it Fishez, I have no idea.

The last game in Gungho's DS trilogy is being spearheaded by celebrity florist Shogo Karyiazaki. While it took a while for my poor Western brain to grasp the concept of "celebrity florist," it appears that Karyiazaki-san is one of the richest and most sucessful businessmen in Japan. In the creatively-titled Flower Arrangement DS, players will ... arrange flowers.

Check the gallery for some screenshots and hit the jump for the most awkard press release I've ever seen. Ragnarok is one of the most popular MMOs ever created, especially everywhere east of, say, Austria, so I'm sure its going to move a lot of units. But will you guys be picking this one up?

[Via Bitfood, thanks to Brad for help with the translation!]

Original Famitsu article can be found here.

[ganho] online entertainment corporation
It enters into consumer publishing business formally!
[nintendo] DS private new work software 3 work this day announcement!!
[ganho] online entertainment corporation
It enters into consumer publishing business formally!
[nintendo] DS private new work software 3 work this day announcement!!

 [ganho] online entertainment corporation (head office: The tokyo Chiyoda Ku, Representative President: Morishita joy, below “cancer/gun hoe”), you stated that it enters into consumer business this day in the business explanatory meeting which is held, formally, you announced the [nintendo] DS private software 3 work which in the future plans sale anew. As for this time announcing, [nintendo] DS edition of representative work “aqua zone” of the admiration fish rearing software which has approximately 100 title thing release results “you probably will play with kana! The aqua zone DS~ seawater fish ~”, it is due to art of flower arrangement house 假 house promontory economical our person supervision, if it goes, simulation game “假 house promontory economical our supervision flower arrangement DS (the tentative name)”, and [nintendo] DS edition “[ragunarokuonrain] of the Japanese biggest online RPG “[ragunarokuonrain]” which the cancer/gun hoe is proud DS (the tentative name)” with it becomes.
 The cancer/gun hoe in order that you aim toward the “comprehensive entertainment company”, in addition to the development such as online business Mobile business portal business MD business, in the future starts stressing to also the publishing business of the consumer game.
 This time making announce, release being able to point to the new work successively in addition to the title which it receives because it is the schedule which it receives, that propriety in the future expectation, we ask may.

<You probably will play with kana! Aqua zone DS~ seawater fish ~>
To presently it has approximately 100 title thing release results from 92, the “aqua zone” finally appears with [nintendo] DS! It is the latest concept, you heal and” ““you play and” pursue, are new reproducing the world of the “aqua zone” on [nintendo] DS. Usually the tropical fish which is various raising it is difficult, using the touch pen, to be pleasant it is possible with [nintendo] DS to raising & to appreciate.
<假 house promontory economical our supervision flower arrangement DS (tentative name)>
“From “the flower starts vitamin about flower of heart” lectures the life style which” is due to the supervision of the 假 house promontory economical our person who, if it goes, pleasantly can be learned the software which to [nintendo] DS appearance. It can learn the enjoyment which charm it it can go of the flower easily with this 1. The cute living which has the flower will be begun with this work.
<假 house promontory economical our person profile>
Art of flower arrangement house. 假 house promontory economical our flower classroom superintendence. “The tsumugi is put out the person who has the hand which it is commented beauty” from Akihiro, Miwa there is an established reputation delicately and bold style and unique color feeling. As for the book 'the flower basket (the abnormal play you see)' 'the flower calendar' (the media factory) other large number.
假 house promontory economical our flower classroom

<[ragunarokuonrain] DS (tentative name)>
The japanese domestic biggest online game “[ragunarokuonrain]”, starts finally with [nintendo] DS! If in one and [nintendo] DS anytime and it can enjoy “[ragunarokuonrain]” anywhere with [ragunaroku] just of the online is unsatisfactory. New impression with [nintendo] DS. 

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