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Guitar Hero Encore: Rock the 80s final track list announced

3:04 PM on 06.28.2007 // Tom Fronczak

The Guitar Hero Encore: Rock the 80s updates keep coming every week, and Activision just sent over a few more details. On top of announcing that Rock the 80s has gone gold and will be available in stores on July 24, they're also revealing the last nine tracks that will come with the game:

·    Caught in a Mosh  (as made famous by Anthrax)
·    Balls to the Wall (as made famous by Accept)
·    Electric Eye (by Judas Priest)
·    Los Angeles (as made famous by X)
·    Police Truck (as made famous by Dead Kennedys)
·    We Got the Beat (as made famous by The Go Go's)
·    (I Think I'm) Turning Japanese (as made famous by Vapors)
·    Seventeen (as made famous by Winger)
·    Because, it's Midnite (by Limozeen)

In less than a month we'll finally have our blistered fingers on their new characters, guitars, and game play modes, so that gives us a few weeks to find some gamer groupies. For the full press and previously announced songs, hit the jump for the complete list.

Activision, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATVI) today announced that Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s has gone gold and will be available on July 24 exclusively for the Playstation2 computer entertainment system.  The company also announced nine additional songs to be included in the latest installment of the critically acclaimed franchise.
Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s will feature visually stunning retro rock venues and hipster characters, unlockable guitars, intense game play modes, and 30 awesome new songs to experience the ultimate rock star fantasy. The final nine tracks added to the initial list include:

·    Caught in a Mosh  (as made famous by Anthrax)
·    Balls to the Wall (as made famous by Accept)
·    Electric Eye (by Judas Priest)
·    Los Angeles (as made famous by X)
·    Police Truck (as made famous by Dead Kennedys)
·    We Got the Beat (as made famous by The Go Go's)
·    (I Think I'm) Turning Japanese (as made famous by Vapors)
·    Seventeen (as made famous by Winger)
·    Because, it's Midnite (by Limozeen)

Previously announced tracks include:

·    Hold On Loosely (as made famous by .38 Special)
·    No One Like You (as made famous by Scorpions)
·    Only a Lad (as made famous by Oingo Boingo)
·    Ballroom Blitz (as made famous by Krokus)
·    The Warrior (by Scandal)
·    What I Like About You (as made famous by The Romantics)
·    Wrath Child (as made famous by Iron Maiden)
·    I Wanna Rock (by Twisted Sister)
·    I Ran (by Flock of Seagulls)
·    Round and Round (as made famous by Ratt)
·    Metal Health (as made famous by Quiet Riot)
·    Holy Diver (as made famous by Dio)
·    Heat Of The Moment (as made famous by Asia)
·    Radar Love (as made famous by White Lion)
·    18 and Life (as made famous by Skid Row)
·    Bathroom Wall (as made famous by Faster Pussycat)
·    Lonely is the Night (as made famous by Billy Squier)
·    Nothing But a Good Time (as made famous by Poison)
·    Play With Me (as made famous by Extreme)
·    Shaken (as made famous by Eddie Money)
·    Synchronicity II (as made famous by The Police)


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