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Guild Wars 2 removing paid tournaments

11:00 PM on 02.25.2013

Joshua Derocher

PC Contributor

Free fighting for everyone!

With the recent introduction of a ranked matching system, ArenaNet has decided to drop the current system in Guild Wars 2 of paying to participate in high-level player-versus-player matches. The earlier system -- charging for matches -- was created to keep high-level players fighting in the same brackets since paying more in-game gold allowed access to better rewards.

Ratings and matchmaking have been recently added into Guild Wars 2's tournament system, so this paid system was deemed redundant and unnecessarily complicated. Players with tournament tokens will get their money refunded for however much the tokens are worth.

The matchmaking system should have been in the game when it launched, and the whole paid tournaments thing never made much sense to me. This is a welcome change, and it looks like they are trying to compensate players who have bought into this system, so I guess everyone wins in the end.

Big Changes to PvP: Paid Tournaments Replaced by Free Tournaments [Guild Wars 2]

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