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GRID 2 lifts the hood on its multiplayer system

6:00 PM on 04.11.2013

Brett Makedonski

Associate Editor

It's all based around a deep progression scheme

Like any proud owner, Codemasters is parking its car, popping the hood, and letting jealous bystanders take a peek at its baby. Today, the multiplayer modes are in the spotlight.

GRID 2's multiplayer features will be entirely centered around a progression system that acts separately from the one found in career mode. The experience- and cash-based structure will allow for a great amount of customization for players. Codemasters is promising up to six million different combinations, seemingly putting individuality at the forefront.

Actual racing is on display too. GRID 2 will feature up to 12-person online play. The multiplayer racing modes were revealed to be Race (including LiveRoutes), Endurance, Drift, Touge, Checkpoint, Face Off, and Time Attack. Global Challenge will additionally include Overtake and Power Lap.

Maybe most interestingly, Codemasters is implementing new anti-griefing technology that pairs players with similar style of play. For example, users that often crash into their opponents won't be matched up with players that consistently have clean runs.

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