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Grasshopper Manufacture merging with Ragnarok publisher

3:00 AM on 01.30.2013

Kyle MacGregor

Associate Editor

Does this mean punk is dead?

GungHo Online Entertainment, the company behind the Ragnarok series, has announced plans to merge with Killer is Dead developer Grasshopper Manufacture. The companies hope the move will enhance their respective strengths when the companies combine forces on February 1, 2013.

GungHo is the parent company to both Game Arts and Acquire, whose past work includes the Lunar, Grandia, Way of the Samurai, and Tenchu series. Interestingly enough, the company recently opened up a North American division, which is led by XSEED co-founder Jun Iwasaki.

This announcement may give more credence to recent whispers regarding Killer is Dead's North American publisher. In addition to Iwasaki's familiarity with the company, XSEED has localized several of GungHo's titles over the years.

株式会社グラスホッパー・マニファクチュアがガンホーグループになります [GungHo via Famitsu]

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Kyle MacGregor
Associate Editor
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