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Grand Theft Auto V viral video introduces new character

2:30 PM on 04.22.2013

Also, confirms sperm is not real

Rockstar posted a video (which doubles as a downloadable screensaver) that lists The Epsilon Program's -- the Scientology parody first introduced in San Andreas' radio ads -- values. Hidden behind the text are scenic day-night cycles of Grand Theft Auto V locations along with a man (possibly the religion's founder?) that looks more dressed for an Assassin's Creed than a GTA game.

Some people are reading into the significance of the word "KIFFLOM" which flashes across the screen (also the title of Rockstar's post). Others are wondering if this character will be prominently featured in the story. Some even think the high detailed character model confirms next-gen release. I, however, think this video confirms only one thing: Grand Theft Auto is back to its dumb, goofy self and thank goodness for that!

[Thanks to de5gravity for notifying us on our tips line]

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