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Gran Turismo 6 hits PlayStation 3 this holiday season

11:20 AM on 05.15.2013

Jordan Devore

Managing Editor

Polyphony is ending the console on a high note

At an anniversary event today, the next installment in the beloved racing sim series Gran Turismo was announced for release this holiday season. Don't you love it when teasers quickly pan out? While Dale was hoping for a PlayStation 4 version, it seems Gran Turismo 6 is sticking with Sony's current console.

Among the early details, two stand out: "a compact game engine" will better allow for DLC, and there's going to be connectivity with mobile devices for "increased social and community functions." The vehicles and tracks of Gran Turismo 5 -- all of them -- will be included in the new game, including enough new stuff to bump the launch-day car list up to 1,200. As for locations, there are 33 in total, with seven of them new to GT6.

"Things have changed a lot since then and now Gran Turismo 6 is a further evolution of my dream," said Polphony Digital CEO Kazunori Yamauchi. "We're pleased to deliver GT6 to PlayStation 3 as we have a very loyal community on that platform. However, we have refactored the game to make it very flexible and expandable, with a view to making many future developments. I am very pleased with everything about the new game and the new additions, but the launch will be only the beginning for GT6. The game will continue to develop throughout its life. I already have many ideas for things I want to achieve in the next 15 years of Gran Turismo!"

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