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Glorious! Mario 3 airship constructed out of LEGO bricks

3:30 PM on 02.29.2012 // Tony Ponce

I said, "Daaaaamn, son!"

In November 2011, LEGO hobbyist Julius von Brunk began construction of a Super Mario Bros. 3 airship, the realization of a dream he's had ever since playing the original NES game way back in the day. He would work on weekends, ordering specialty pieces from and overcoming engineering roadblocks via the magic of alcohol. Over 8000 pieces later, he has finished his masterpiece, dubbed "The Fireflower."

This thing is ridiculous! Using clear LEGO parts, he has created the illusion of flight, but the surprises don't end there. There are little Mario and Luigi minifigs, Bullet Bill cannons, torches, an end-of-level warp pipe, and satellite ships. There's a fireflower mural on the stern of the ship that lights up, a hidden chamber of mosaics behind the mural, and even a control room cabin!

For God's sake, give Mr. von Brunk a big round of applause. We are not worthy to be in his presence. At the very least, visit the link below to see even more photographs that reveal other clever touches.

"The Fireflower" -- Mighty Super Mario 3 Airship!!! [Tumblr via CNN]

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