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Get your running shoes on: we have 80 copies of Mirror's Edge to give away!

5:46 PM on 12.04.2008·  2 minute read   ·  Colette Bennett


No, not a typo. We have EIGHTY copies to give way. Want one? We'll show you how. But first, check out this Destructoid Exclusive: A gritty real-life promotional video for Mirror's Edge shot by professional roof jumpers. Don't try this at home without life insurance and 60-foot cable rigs dangling from ATV's, kids!

In Mirror's Edge, couriers called Runners take the fastest routes through the city that keep them off the radar.  If they need to drop or pick up anything, they look for the mark of the Runner, which marks a stash point. And what better items to find in a stash point than a free copy of Mirror's EdgeCheck out the contest page to find out how to win one.

Stash Point locations - LATEST UPDATE: 12/11 - 1:57 PM EST

HINTS! HINTS! HINTS!  See where the last stash points are hidden, including photos! The contest ends this Friday at midnight, so don't delay!


U of Alabama - both found, Congrats Joshua and Cameron!

U of Arizona - both found
Congrats: mjs84 and adam!

Arizona State - none found yet

U of Arkansas - none found yet

Boston College
- none found yet

U of Colorado
- both found!
Congrats: Jordan R. and Andrew K.

U of Connecticut
- both found, Congrats to Paul and Sindhudweep!

Duke University
- none found yet

U of Florida - One found! Nice work Bram!

Florida State U - both found, Congrats Alan and Craig!

U of Georgia - none found yet

U of Illinois - both found! Congratulations Brad and Connor!

Indiana University - none found yet

U of Iowa - one found!
Congrats: Ian R.

U of Kansas - none found yet

Kansas State - 1 found, Congrats Mike M.

U of Kentucky - none found yet

Louisiana State - none found yet

U of Maryland - 1 found! 1 remaining
Congrats: L Roling (Sorry Sirak, he was faster!)

U of Miami - none found yet

U of Michigan - both found!
Congrats: Aaron S and Alan B.

Michigan State
- none found yet

U of Missouri - none found yet

U of Nebraska Lincoln - 1 found!
Congrats: Arjun A.

U of North Carolina - 1 found!
Congrats: Stephen C.

Ohio State - both found!
Congrats: Welkstar and Bryan C.

Oklahoma University - 1 found!  1 remaining
Congrats: Nick H

Oklahoma State - none found yet

U of Oregon - both found!
Congrats: James W. and Nick W.

Penn State
- 1 found!
Congrats: DinnertimeNinja

Purdue U
- none found yet

- 1 found!
Congrats: Steve H.

Syracuse U
- 1 found!
Congrats: Daniel B

U of Tennessee
- 1 found!
Congrats, Chris K.

U of Texas
- both found!
Congrats: Eric Y and Chris

U of Utah - none found yet

Virginia Tech - 1 found! 1 remaining
Congrats: grbrown

U of Washington - both found! 
Congrats: Christian C. and Michael F.

Washington State - both found!
Congrats: Brandon K and Steven H

U of Wisconsin - one found!
Congrats Aaron L.

Photo Gallery

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