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Get your hands on Trials Evolution at gamescom and PAX

2:15 PM on 08.15.2011

Jordan Devore

Managing Editor

RedLynx will be bringing a playable build of Trials Evolution to gamescom this week, and then to PAX Prime later this month. Tough games are always made even more difficult when played at conventions; expect to see a lot of ragdoll bodies flying across the screen whenever you walk by the Trials booth.

They're still holding back on releasing details for the most part, however, Eurogamer does have new footage of the game, which looks magnificent. Granted, I'm a big enough fan that Trials Evolution could be the same thing with slightly varied courses, and I'd be content.

"This is the biggest game RedLynx has ever done, and one of the most ambitious downloadable console games ever," says creative director Antti Ilvessuo. Hot damn!

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Jordan Devore
Managing Editor follow

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