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Get your ghostly groove on this May with Gabrielle

11:40 AM on 04.20.2011

Nick Chester

Former Editor-in-Chief (2011)

It probably won't win game of the year awards, but maybe it'll get a "Title of the Year" nod: Gabrielle's Ghostly Groove: Monster Mix.

Announced by Natsume today, it's a WiiWare "dance adventure" that has cutesy little Gabrielle saving her monster pals in Monster Town. With dance, of course. The trailer shows off Gabrielle dancing with Dracula, a mummy bear, and some other adorable little monsters. It looks like its geared towards a younger female crowd, but I've got a soft spot for dancing with monsters. What can I say?

It's out this May. A 3DS version is also slated for a summer release; the title was originally announced as a DS game last year.

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Nick Chester

Former Editor-in-Chief (2011)
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