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Get lost in this Rain developer diary

6:00 AM on 08.02.2013

Steven Hansen

Features Editor

Rain drops this fall, whet your appetite with this video

Rain is a neat, affective collaboration between PlayStation C.A.M.P. (Tokyo Jungle) and Acquire (Tenchu). I liked what I saw of the PSN title when I previewed it during GDC and Dale North seemed equally impressed sitting down with the small, moody title amidst the pomp, circumstance and hullabaloo of E3. Check them out if this video whets your appetite. I recommend putting the video on replay while you do so you can set the mood with that lovely piano accompaniment.

This first developer diary delves into the central theme of the game, the mix of wonderment and terror that you might have experience getting lost as a youth, and discusses how the creators try to achieve that affect. Not only is Rain's protagonist lost, however, but he is invisible (even to the player), except when moistly silhouetted in the rain. Of course, in the rain there are terrifying monsters trying to eat you. Yep, just like my childhood.

Will you be able to refrain from picking this one up? I know I won't. I'm a sucker for rain-soaked cityscapes, especially ones with posters for Casablanca and Metamorphoses. Rain drops this fall.

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