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Gears of War 3 campaign DLC inspired by GTA, Borderlands

9:00 AM on 09.20.2011

Jim Sterling

Former Reviews Editor

Gears of War 3 isn't just content to sell you weapon skins for 3600 MS Points -- it's getting some story-based content as well. Epic's Cliff "Passive Aggressive" Bleszinski has promised "unique" story-based DLC that won't star previous protagonists -- taking a page from Grand Theft Auto IV

"We've confirmed we'll be doing campaign DLC," he said. "One thing I can tell you is that you're not going to see Marcus or Dom or Cole in it. I believe that DLC should be unique and cool, like Lost and the Damned, Gay Tony, Mad Moxie's Underdome Riot.

"All those kind of things. DLC's the place where you play and have fun. So that's one thing that's an indication of where things may be going in the future."

Both Grand Theft Auto IV and Borderlands had some pretty well-received downloadable content, so it'll be interesting to see what Epic can cook up. 

Gears of War 3 interview: Cliff Bleszinski [Telegraph]

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Jim Sterling
Former Reviews Editor follow

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