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GC 09: Invizimals unleashed on PSP (also, Brian Blessed)


If Sony is doing one thing right when it comes to gimmicky peripherals, it's camera-based games. Eye of Judgment and Eyepet are two very interesting, unique little titles and help set the PS3 apart. The PSP, however, is not planning to be left out, with its own version of EoJ and this brand new title, Invizimals.

As you can see, Invizimals works on a similar principal to Eyepet, using the PSP's camera peripheral to superimpose digital creatures over real-world images. Unlike Eyepet, however, Invizimals' focus is on combat. Kind of like a more high-tech Pokémon, if you will.

For some reason, I love weird ideas like this, so I'll be keeping a close eye on the game. Oh, and make sure to hit the jump for the trailer because BRIAN BLESSED IS IN IT WTF!?


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