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Gametap drastically reducing library of free games

1:00 AM on 01.18.2009 // Conrad Zimmerman

If you're the kind of person who likes to play videogames and not have to pay for the priviledge, I have some bad news. In an announcement on Wednesday, Gametap revealed that they will be scaling back the size of their free offerings in an effort to encourage more users to sign up for their pay service.

While it has long been commonplace for the company to cycle games into and out of the subscriber-only section of the site, the number of titles available to be played for free has generally hovered around a hundred. With the new changes, that number will drop closer to forty. 

With Gametap changing hands from Time-Warner to Metaboli, it was certain that some changes were going to be coming down the pipe. This is a disappointing one, however, and I would not be surprised to discover if it alienates people who had been considering a Gold membership. Not to mention that there are a lot of really great games being dragged away.

If you've been playing games for free on GameTap, you're running out of time. The free games in question are being locked up on January 22 so you might want to get cracking. Hit the jump for a complete list of titles which will no longer be gratis at that time.

1st Division Manager
3 Count Bout
Art of Fighting
Bagh Chal
Ball 7 Deluxe
Baseball Stars Professional
Battle of Europe
Bee 52
Black Tiger
Blast Miner
Brian Lara Cricket 2007
Bust-A-Move Again
Cannon Fodder
Captain Commando
Captain Dynamo
CJ in the USA
Colin McRae Rally 2005
Commandos 3: Destination Berlin
DarkStalkers®: The Night Warriors®
Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition
Disciples II: Rise of the Elves Gold
DJ Puff’s Volcanic Capers
Dracula Twins
Fast Lanes Bowling
Fastlane Pinball
Fatal Fury
Flip Words 2
Football Frenzy
Ghosts’N Goblins
Ghouls’N Ghosts
Grand Prix Simulator
Grell & Falla
Hitman 2: Silent Assassin
Ikari Warriors
King of the Monsters
King of the Monsters 2
Kizuna Encounter: Super Tag Battle
Knights of the Round
Lara Croft Tomb Raider®: Legend
Lazer Force
Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen 2
Little Puff in Dragonland
Marine Park Empire
Mean Machine
Mega Man®: The Power Battle
Metal Slug
Metal Slug 2
Miami Chase
Mig-29 Soviet Fighter
Morning’s Wrath
Mr. Robot
Murray Mouse - Supercop
Mutation Nation
Nemesis of the Roman Empire
Olli & Lissa 3
Prehistoric Isle in 1930
Prince Clumsy
Pro Boxing Simulator
Pro Skateboard Simulator
Rainbow Islands The Story of Bubble Bobble 2
Rally Cross Simulator
Restaurant Empire
Rogue Trooper
Sacred Gold
Samurai Shodown
Second Sight
Sensible Soccer 2 006
Shark! Shark!
Shock Troopers
Slightly Magic
Street Fighter® II’: Champion Edition
Stuntman Seymour
Super Qix
Texas Hold ‘Em Poker
The King of Fighters ‘95
Thief: Deadly Shadows
Twinkle Star Sprites
Warlords Battlecry III

Conrad Zimmerman, Moustache
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