*gamescom: Here's Crysis 3's new Hunter mode
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gamescom: Here's Crysis 3's new Hunter mode

10:30 AM on 08.14.2012  ยท  Hamza CTZ Aziz@CTZ

Crytek and EA have finally shown off some multiplayer goodness for Crysis 3 and it's not just a regular old deathmatch mode. 

Hunter mode supports up to 16 players, with one team playing as CELL troopers, and the other play as a small team of cloaked Hunters. The Hunters have to take down all CELL troopers before time runs out, and each CELL soldier that gets killed respawns as a cloaked Hunter. Sounds a lot like the zombie mode in Halo, yeah? 

While this sounds cool, I do hope there is something similar to Crysis 2's multiplayer mode too. It needed some polish, but it was a ton of fun. 

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