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Games on Demand: Earth Defense Force 2017, Prototype

11:20 AM on 12.07.2010

Dale North

Former Dtoid EIC

Just about everyone around the Destructoid offices likes Earth Defense Force 2017. I think the head robot himself loves it the most, though. And why wouldn't we love it? This crazy ass Japanese game has you defending earth from insect aliens in a fully destructible world. It's one of the games that has been added to the Xbox Marketplace Games on Demand offerings. Added today, this 1.6GB download will only cost you $19.99, or 1,600 Microsoft Points. 

Also added are Prototype and Army of Two 40th Day. Army of Two: TFD is a bit more at $29.99, but you're getting a big ol' 6GB game download for it. Prototype is priced the same, which comes out to 2,400 in Microsoft Points. It's an even bigger download at 6.8GB. 

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