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Games of the Week for 9/26/2010: Late(ly) edition

3:30 AM on 09.27.2010 // Conrad Zimmerman

It's seemingly impossible to find a version of Carol King's "It's Too Late" in a 16:9 ratio. Someone should get on that. It's so rare that I get to say Stevie Wonder is my second choice in anything, but here it is.

Destructoid played games this week. Lots of them. So many, that I simply couldn't get this to you on schedule. Read on to find out what they were and how we felt about them.

Chester: Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock; Plants vs. Zombies on Xbox Live Arcade... and PC/Mac... and iPad; NBA Jam Wii; and Wii Party!

Holmes: Other than TGS stuff, mostly Pokemon White. An official impressions post is coming, but for now, I'll say that it's my favorite Pokemon game ever.

Also picked up a bunch of other Japanese exclusives, like the new Chibi Robo and Tingle games on the DS, the Club Nintendo-only DS game where that you only control with your voice, some Simple Series game where you plus oldies like Ouendan 2. Oh yeah, and I also bought the sequel to Radio Allergy for the Wii, and Tare Panda on the Wonderswan. 

Too bad I forgot to buy a Wonderswan. 

Ross: Civilization V and nothing else.

Razak: I've been playing a game called Launching Flixist. You play it in Gmail and it's all text based. Only a few people are playing right now, but once it goes out of beta on Oct. 11 I'm hoping it really opens up to have a great community.

Also, Darksiders and a little Bowser's Inside Story. I will defeat the latter at some point... one day.

Devore: MineCraft. So much MineCraft. My kingdom in the sky is coming along nicely.

Bennett C.: Oh yeah, I played a little bit of that Flixist thing. It's pretty good.

While trying to update my PSP this weekend I discovered that PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe and PixelJunk Encore are two different things. And that I had never bought Encore. So now I am playing 15 new levels of PixelJunk bliss on my PS3. I'm as happy as a pig in shit.

Aziz: Messed with Dead Rising 2 for a bit, spent a good hour with Comic Jumper, touched the DJ Hero 2 turntable (but did not actually play it) and played various Move games at the Sony Move store in San Francisco. The store is very lame.

Carey: Got my strategy finally lined out for Civilization V, so I can consistently win on Prince setting. I'm scared to bump up the difficulty another notch!

Also got my hands on Monaco, Hydrophobia, Comic Jumper, Super Meat Boy, World of Keflings, Feist, Ulitsa Dimitrova, and Sword and Sworcery EP (yes, that's the intended spelling of Sworcery) at the Fantastic Arcade.

Concelmo: At the very end of Final Fantasy IX. I will say it once again: I LOVE THIS GAME!

Kuja is a dickhead.

Sterling: Final Fantasy IX is my favorite one. Kuja is awesome. The first anime asshole to basically admit he's just an anime asshole.

Anyway, I've mostly played Move All My Shit To A House I Just FUCKING Bought, It was a game fraught with peril but I beat it and didn't even break my Darksiders sword!

Otherwise, I've been locked in a bitter struggle with the first Fallout, trying to wrestle it to submission and force it to entertain me. It's resisting every step of the way. Almost done utterly with Fallout 3, and I've just started playing Hydrophobia for review. 

Hydrophobia *sucks air through teeth* Yeeeeeah.

Concelmo: I agree, Jim, Final Fantasy IX is one of my favorite games in the series. Replaying it again is making me realize how amazing it is.

Kuja is awesome. A dickhead, but an awesome dickhead.

Morris: Final Fantasy XIV. All day, every day!

Aziz: Couple of games to add to my list. Just played through the Enslaved and Vanquish demos. Enslaved is going to be one of my favorite games of the year. The game is just stunning. Vanquish is also a lot of fun. Got stuck on the boss fight (where the hell can you refill ammo at?) I also now understand why I've never been into Gears of War. It's too slow whereas Vanquish seems like a pure adrenaline rush. 

Sarkar: I finally got around to playing NHL 11 online, and I also tried out the demo for Enslaved: Odyssey to the West. It was fun, and I like the narrative conceit. Hopefully the full game rocks, too!

Zimmerman: I played through the upcoming Borderlands DLC, Claptrap's New Robot Revolution and I'll have plenty to say about that in the review. Plenty.

Beyond that, I played through the Enslaved demo multiple times and, in the event you were wondering why this post is going up so late, I spent my Sunday on the couch playing straight through Alan Wake with the woman. I wanted to re-experience the story in anticipation of the next chapter coming out in a couple of weeks and she was only vaguely familiar with the tale it tells. God damn, that game gets better every time I play it.

Conrad Zimmerman, Moustache
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