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Games of the Week for 12/12/2010: Crazed

2:30 AM on 12.13.2010 // Conrad Zimmerman

There's no reason for the above image other than my own personal amusement. Carry on.

Destructoid played games during the last 7 Earth-standard days. You would refer to this specific quantity of time as a "week" and we do the same because we are perfectly normal people just like you. Please allow us to expound upon the games we played during this "week" and describe your own experiences in the comments below.

Chester: Marvel Pinball in Pinball FX 2. I'm obsessed with beating not only my wife's scores, but everyone else on my friends list. This is going to become a problem.

Also: DC Universe Online beta for the PlayStation 3 was installed this morning, so I hope to spend some time with that; Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit; Renegade Kid's new game ATV Wild Ride; and I swear, now that EA/BioWare is going to begin its Mass Effect 3 promotion, I will finish Mass Effect 2.

Bennett, C.:  Didn't play a ton of stuff this week, but spent some time with Dead Nation, which reminds me of Diablo but with zombies. Spent some time chomping on the ghost train in Pac-Man Championship Edition DX, and spent many hours trying to beat my own Zuma Blitz score. Also, played the original Silent Hill for about ten minutes and wondered how I ever managed it through an entire game with what felt like having bricks tied to my feet.

North: Gran Turismo 5. I have that bitch tweaked for comfort. I have it set up so that I rarely tire of playing. The sound in races is turned town to 5%. I can barely hear the car. I have my own playlists set up for the music, set at 120% volume. Cheesy J-pop, of course. Like, the worst shit you can think of. The worse the song and the singer, the better I do in a race. You'd die if you heard this shit.

I did something similar with Forza 3. I tried opera and epic symphonic music. Bad stuff. Over-the-top stuff. Every race was hilarious. In both cases you can't get mad when you lose.

Leray: The only thing I played was Pokemon SoulSilver on the plane en route to [redacted] where I saw [redacted].

Fuck year, Larvitar.

Tolentino: Staying in a timezone that's the opposite of wherever you're supposed to turn in your work has left me with a surprising amount of time to play games, which allowed me to cut deep into the backlog. In the course of a week I finished Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2, Red Faction Guerrilla, Red Dead Redemption and its "Undead Nightmare" DLC campaign.

Now to replay Mass Effect 2, since, y'know, I'll need a Shepard to import.

Sterling: It's been entirely mobile this week and nobody cares about that. Eternal Legacy has pretty much been the only thing I've had time for. It's a fairly typical Gameloft game, which means it does a very impressive job of transferring someone else's game over to the iPhone, and that's a positive thing. Really solid JRPG-style thing.

Devore: Bejeweled 3, which continues to be incredible, and Dawn of War II, which continues to insist that one living being can be shot at for upwards of five minutes and somehow not die right away. It makes Dead Rising (even the Psychos) look like a simulation game in comparison.

Tolentino: Of course it takes longer than five minutes of uninterrupted fire to kill something in Dawn of War. You're talking about characters from Warhammer 40k. Those dudes chew iron and spit out Bolter slugs.

Holmes: Pinball FX2, Splatterhouse, Resident Evil 4, No More Heroes 2, Pac-Man Championship DX, Everyday Shooter, and some other stuff I can't remember. 

Concelmo: Played through the charming Costume Quest DLC "Grubbins on Ice" for review. Also, still playing Golden Sun: Dark Dawn for review -- it's long! Hopefully I will be done soon and can get the review up on the site. 

In between these games I played a little Sly 2: Honor Among Thieves and Prototype. Yay!

Aziz: Being all Hollywood with Chad, Tara and Max as we talk to people that make games. And now to see Uncharted 3!

Razak: I finally opened Enslaved and found one of my favorite games of the year inside. It took everything I liked about the new Prince of Persia and added a better story, more interesting characters and an actual battle system. If you haven't checked it out please do.

Conrad Zimmerman, Moustache
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