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Games of the Week for 1/23/2011: The dream of the 90s

11:00 PM on 01.23.2011

IFC debuted Portlandia this weekend. I haven't had a chance to check it out yet but as a newcomer to the city they're poking fun at, it's pretty evident that there's something weird going on here. Up above is a delightful exaggeration of what it's like living in this place.

It's time to take a look at the games the staff of Destructoid played this past week. We played many, many games and love nothing more than to share those games with you. Maybe you like to share too? Please share with us in the comments below. Sharing is caring.


Chester: Dead Space 2, and a slew of Nintendo 3DS titles. I can't say anything about the former just yet, but if you're a Dead Space fan and you pre-ordered it, good move. On the subject of the latter, I'm really excited about what the hardware can do -- not particularly the 3D, but I guess that's nice -- but I'm concerned about the launch software. There's some good stuff, but no "killer apps." It's Nintendo, though, so this thing is going to sell. And those must have games? I'm sure we'll hear about them at E3, and they're have the words "Mario" and "Pikmin" in them, for sure. 

Bennett, H.: I'm diving head first into Venetica to get the review done. Part of me is enjoying it and another part of me is wanting to kill myself....IM SO CONFUSED!

Been playing a lot of Broken Sword on the iPhone and I love it! Never played it before but the iPhone version works so fantastically well.

Also, while I know it isn't gaming but I have finally started watching House. Turns out my medical back ground gives me a free pass at shouting at the TV and I'm pretty good at diagnosing people. SCORE! 

Bennett, C.: Mostly still playing Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne, although I had a tiny bit of time with Jikandia: The Timeless Land as well for review.

Toletino: After looking at DC Universe Online and trying it out for a brief period, I punched out and tried Champions Online ahead of its upcoming Free-to-Play conversion. Turns out Champions Online is a lot better. Seriously, I can use teleportation as my movement mode, and it's easier to rip off anime characters!

Aziz: Only game I can talk about from this week is Crysis 2 multiplayer and all I'm going to say about that if EA pushes this game hard enough, it could easily topple Black Ops. 

Concelmo: I am finally able to play videogames again! After one of the busiest three week periods of my life, I finally got to play a little more Pinball FX 2 and beat Conrad and Nick's scores on multiple tables.

It may be a small gaming accomplishment, but it felt so good. <3

Zimmerman: Oh good. Now I have new goals. 

I've been playing a metric ton of Indie games, some of them quite good. Aban Hawking & the 1000 Spikes comes to mind, as does Squid, both of which are on Xbox Live Indie games for 80 points and absolutely worth it. I have also played a bit of Pinball FX 2 and, of course, I've been playing Killer 7 on Backlog every weeknight at 10pm Pacific on Destructoid's channel.

Sterling: As if my clues were not enough, I have been playing Killzone 3. I cannot write about it though (squeeeeee). 

Other games on the docket are Two Worlds II and Mindjack. I won't tell you about them before my review but let me just say that my weekend has been foul and it may or may not be because of certain bits of software.

Holmes: Just about to start playing Okamiden for review right now. I really hope it lives up to my internal hype. 

Other than that, I played Trauma Team, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Retro City Rampage, 3D Dot Game Heroes, and all the latest demos on WiiWare. The Art of Balance was particularly fun. 

Robox was not. 


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