*Games of the week for 01/04/08: I hugged the Destructoid community ...
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Games of the week for 01/04/08: I hugged the Destructoid community ...

11:08 PM on 01.04.2009·  13 minute read   ·  Jim Sterling@JimSterling

... and now I'll never need Viagra.

This week's totally not-game-related video is dedicated to just one person -- you. Well, that actually means several thousand people, but shut up. One of the many videos that came from the Dtoid community last year to celebrate the site's second anniversary, I felt that after a long and reflective weekend, a fair few members of our fine little club could do with a small reminder of what it's all about.

Now let's all have a big, filthy snog.

Oh, and then we can look at our games of the week. Read those after the jump, and make sure you tell us what you played as well. COMMUNITY!


DMV: I've been following the school of Master Asia. I can't wait for Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2. But, in the meantime, I've been playing some SSFIITHDR.

Niero: I've been playing the fuck out of Space Invaders Extreme on the DS.  Topher had mentioned it a few times on RFGO and I finally got off my ass and tried it.  I know a lot of people have passed on this game because it's been regurgitated so many times but this is one remake that really must not be missed.  They've added musical elements similar to Rez and the entire presentation, weapons system, and creative bosses really make it a tight title.  Also, I have a giant, pulsing wet vagina the size of a circus tent and used it to finish Rhythm de Cooking while being stuck at the airport for six hours.  The game is so awful that it's awesome.  Dale, don't even hesitate.  This is your jam.

Jim: Space Invaders Extreme is pretty damn good.

I've been tinkering around with LittleBigPlanet. The physics are awful and most of the platforming is a big mess, but it's cute so I can't stay mad at it. The main reason to play is to hear Stephen Fry being awesome, which I always have time for. Have been working on my own level, which looks like shit, but I never claimed to be a game designer. If you want to see the fucked up bullshit for yourself, the level is called "Prophecy of the Chicken Child" and my PSN tag is Jim_Sterling.

Otherwise, I've been rocking Sonic Advance (one of the best Sonic games ever) and Suikoden. Suikoden is great, but I hate that so many characters force themselves into your party. With so many playable characters to discover, it's difficult forming a party because you never know who you have to keep and dismiss and what asshole will insist on tagging along uninvited. It is both overwhelming and underwhelming at the same time. Otherwise, lots of fun. I miss the days when RPGs weren't all about 16-year-old boy heroes with floppy hair.

Also, Spyro.

Colette: A little bit of Persona 4, although not as much as I'd like, but I'm dedicating some time to catching up on some of the shows I've missed (and beginning to nourish what I foresee to be a major J-drama addiction). Also a bit of Space Invaders Extreme on the DS as Niero and I discovered it simultaneously, my usual weekly dose of Taiko No Tatsujin, a tiny bit of Mario Galaxy, and about to throw up Luigi's Mansion in a little bit due to a conversation about the game I had earlier today. Ah, memories! 

Conrad: I polished off Saints Row 2 and I'm just staggered by what an incredibly good game it is. I'd always viewed the first title as being the retarded little brother of the Grand Theft Auto series, but this game punches GTA in the balls when it's not looking, then goes and hooks up with its hot girlfriend. I'm all about playing more of the mulitplayer, so people should hit me up for that.

Other than that, it's just been small investments of time in assorted games. Had a good round of Rock Band the other night, I toyed with Condemned 2 and fired up Burnout Paradise. Gamefly sent me Manhunt 2 (surprisingly worse than I expected) and Harvey Birdman (could have been funny but isn't; interface doesn't work as well on Wii as the Phoenix Wright games work on DS).

Dyson: Beat Dead Space I liked it. Played SSF2THDR (which shall forever be referred to just as "Remix" from now on). The single player has been changed from the original version in subtle ways. I thought maybe I just got old and sucked, but after getting beaten too often, I busted the old SNES version out. I then beat that game no problem and determined that the Remix is different, but still good. My Capcom friend swears it's the same, but there's just something weird there.

Brad: I recently played Braid to ensure that I closed out the year properly. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it as a game, not as an experience. To keep the downloadable theme going, I've also been playing KamiCrazy (iPhone), Meteos Wars (XBLA), and Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix (XBLA).

Street Fighter
is a significant purchase for me. I made it a point to learn how to play fighting games effectively this year. The days of my brainless button mashing will be gone. I have to say though, the game is ridiculously hard. I'm also having a tremendously tough time pulling off moves consistently. Hopefully, I'll learn to master semi-circles by the end of the week.

I finished Dead Space, which seems to be what the majority of the industry is doing right now as well. I enjoyed the majority of the conclusion, but there is a particularly suspect scene that left me a bit sour. I can't wait until EA Redwood Shores saddles up for a proper sequel. I need more dismemberment in my gaming diet.

I also finished up Prince of Persia -- talk about a satisfying ending there.

Jonathan: I have the utmost confidence that Brad will get the hang of "Remix", but the fact that he's having a tough time makes me appreciate the "easy" control option in Tatsunoko Vs Capcom all the more : one button for regular moves, one button for special moves, and it works perfectly. In this day in age, should one's enjoyment of a game be held back by one's inability to perform a dragon punch?

To quote a dude almost as buff as Brad "I say thee nay."

As for my games of the week, there were a ton. As some of you know, I've got shingles, which makes it hard to think, but easy to play videogames. As a result, I had my hands full with Castle of Shikigami III, Brawl, Mario Kart, Battallion Wars 2, Tatsunoko Vs Capcom, Captain Rainbow, Blast Works, World of Goo, Tetris Party, Mega Man 9, Animal Crossing on the Wii, Catwoman on the GC (it was $2.99 at Newbury comics), LittleBigPlanet on the PS3 (the paintgun has completely changed the game for the better) Choro Q, Persona 4, Chulip, and We <3 Katamari on the PS2 (still trying to roll up all those roses).

One final thing, listen to Colette and Niero. If you see Space Invaders Extreme in the wild, buy it. It's been discontinued, and as such is getting harder ad harder to find.

No reason to totally panic if you can't find it, as the game is coming to XBLA, but I can't see how that version could work as well without the dual screens. Some of the cooler bosses in the DS version are all about using the two screens to make things interesting, and it's doubtful those moments will work as well on a TV.

Grim: I spent an entire week visiting my out-of-state relatives and as a result, my PSP got more attention than ever before. For the majority of the trip, I played Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness, Space Invaders Extreme, and Namco Museum Battle Collection, but I also coached my cousin through Donkey Kong 64 and some of the final jiggies in Banjo-Kazooie as well. F**king Rusty Bucket Bay.

Hamza: I finally started playing Left 4 Dead. I need to play more games.

Topher: I'm finally getting around to FFVII: Crisis Core on the PSP, and it's in that early stage that all Square-Enix games visit, where the protgonist is a bumbling, wisecracking fuckface until the plot deepens. Check back with me in a week.

Brad: Dyson, it's the closing seconds.Can I throw a spoiler tag in here?

** Spoiler **

You know, the part where his dead wife shows up as a Necromorph/zombie and does some Michael Jackson shit towards the camera. Mega disappointing from an otherwise good ending that wrapped up a good bit of the plot.

And yeah Tron, SF: Remix is wicked hard. I made a post a few days ago jokingly referring to my terrible start. I did make it to the fifth fight on Easy mode last night, but I'm still getting my ass kicked all over the place. I want to get an arcade stick but I also don't want to fork over a $100 for it. I suppose if I'm going to start getting serious I may as well heavily consider it.

Jonathan: Brad, who are you using? Please don't say Fei Long. I know he looks awesome, but if you aren't totally advanced in the ways of Street Fighter II, using him will lead to nothing but death.

He does have a kick ass re-dizzy combo that can pretty much end a match if you connect with it. I think it's jumping fierce, down-forward fierce, and then the three dashing punches combo. I remember practicing that combo for hours and hours, and still not being able to do it consistently.

Man, I love Street Fighter.

Brad: I've been using Zangief. I think we connect on an emotional level. Also, I like chest hair.

Hamza: That must mean you'll love me if we ever meat.

And yes, I meant meat. Sexually. 

Brad: No doubt? If I buy a red speedo would you wear it?

Hamza: ... No.

Dyson: As long as you don't end up being that guy with Zangief. Cheap-o city.

Brad: I am greatly disappointed by your answer.

I forgot to mention that I've been playing Loco Roco this week, too. I'll never get over the personality in that game.

I'm willing to be any guy that I can be with Zangief. If I ever figure out a way to win consistently I will do it, even if that means that I may hurt feelings or lose friends.

Hamza: Talk to Jared Rea. That guy will fuck up anyone with Zangief.

Dyson: Ironically, that's the exact type of guy I'm asking Brad not to be. Zangief is one of the shittiest characters, but the truth and magic of SF is that, once you practice enough, every character is pretty much good. There is no "best" character in the game, just ones that are easier to learn.

Topher: God I love Street Fighter. I suck at it, but it's the kind of shit Alex is talking about that makes me glad it exists, and I still play the fuck out of it anyway.

Dyson: I'm good in the fact that I can beat most people who play casually. From getting to know the EVO crowd, though, I will never win against them unless I quit my jobs and practice full-time. Talk about dedication. And, yeah, SF is the bomb. My two faves are the SNES Super Turbo version and Alpha 2.

Topher: My favorite is the NES version. <3

Dyson: Bwa ha ha ha!!!!


Samit: I've also been spending some time with, as Dyson calls it, Remix, and like Topher, I love it even though I suck at it. Hell, I've always sucked at fighting games -- playing SSF2THDR brings back so many memories...of getting my ass kicked at the age of 8. As for characters, I'd love to say I rep India and play as Dhalsim, but he's just too goddamn slow. On the other hand, E.Honda's hundred-hand slap does a ridiculous amount of damage, even if you're blocking.

I actually didn't play all that much Fallout 3 this week, though a memorable moment was taking down 15-20 Super Mutants on the National Mall during the 'Galaxy News Radio' quest. It made me feel really "brolic," as the Long Island kids like to say. And to finish things off, I hung out with some Dtoid NYers at a party at power-glove's house, where I played Left 4 Dead on a 360 for the first time, rocked out with Rock Band 2, drank some deliciously fruity [yellow tail] Riesling wine (graciously provided by Tino), and was introduced to the gleeful madness that is Wonder Showzen.

Chad: I started and beat Prince of Persia for the Xbox 360. And as much as I love and adore Anthony Burch, I think he is wrong on this one: the game rocks! Also started Fable II, which  is leaving me feeling on the fence. I love the dog, but so much of the game feels very unpolished. It's early, so I am going to give it some time to grow on me ...

Ross: Been busy with all the people over, but as always I get in some L4D and TF2 time. I've been OBSESSED with Pic Pic for the DS and I usually play that before I go to bed every night.

I also finally picked up Little Big Planet and have been having a great time with it.  Some of the community levels I've come across are just amazing.  It's probably not a game I'm going to sit around and play for 3 hours every day, but the user created content stuff I think will keep it fresh for a long time.

Nick: I've spent very little time gaming this week, which is not a good start to the new year. But when I have had a chance, it's been with CarneyVale, the excellent XNA game that Jim recently reviewed. It's easily one of the best uses of 400 MS Points you'll find on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. And that's about it, really. Resting up for CES, which will be more about Wii accessories than anything else, if the emails I've been bombarded with are any indication.

Dale: Here at MAGFest: Magical Drop, Street Fighter 4, MvsC2 - all arcade. On the go: Square Enix's Crystal Defenders.

Justin: I finally took the shrink wrap off the copy of Elebits I bought at that Circuit City sale two years ago. So far it seems to be an ok furniture-moving simulator.

I also played a game of Checkers, but became disappointed when I realized how much more fun it would be if I had been playing it In Space.

Brad: So, just as a little update -- I played 15 ranked matches in Remix and won two. One of those victories was stolen because the person quit. Of those matches, I played against Guile over ten times. What's up with this guy? Is he the cheapest guy you can pick?

But I did play some player matches today, too. RedRabbit got his arms broken ... a lot.

Nick: I just tried playing. I'm awful. Someone play with me. :(

Conrad: Found the site of the people that make the rings. There's some other really cool stuff too, like a D-pad/cross on a chain (which I'd probably wear) and another cross formed from tetrominos. And there are stores listed that carry their merchandise located in LA, Miami, Boston, Berlin and London.

Ross: BlackMarket is just down the street from me.

Jonathan: Brad, Guile is totally awesome. That's who I was going to advise you to try first, then Blanka, then Ryu, then maybe Honda, then once you were really good, then maybe someone who's as hard to use and Zangief.

Congrats on doing as good with the 'Gief as you've done, Brad! Not only if he slow, has no sure fire anti-air counters, no sure-fire punishment for fireball spammers, few effective specials, but the fucker's two best moves require you to a 360 degree motion with the D-pad in order to pull them off.

And his super requires a 720 degree motion!

Like I said, anyone who can do well with Zangief who's only been for less than a year has got to have some natural talent going or something. But if you want to suffer less, try a little Guile. He's got an awesome aerial throw, great pokes, and his two specials are pretty much the best in the game.

Nicholson: Jonathan, teach me your Jedi ways. Do you have this? If not I have a gift card ready for you.

DMV: Ugh, I hate 720 degree moves. I'm starting to get the hang of it thanks to Arcana Heart.

Brad: I actually pulled off his special move today. Sure, the opponent wasn't moving -- but it's progress.

Jonathan: I have it on the PS3, and we should totally play sometime.

And I don't mean to discourage you. Zangief is incredible, but for all his huge assets (big damage moves, high resistance to punishment) he has faults, like the fact that he has no combos, all his moves are hard to do, and he's slow as corny constipation.

Yuck, I just grossed myself out with that one.

Jim: You sons of bitches, I have to post all this now.

DMV: That's why you post it earlier ^________^

Brad: Are we still talking? I have more to add Jim. I HAVE MORE TO ADD, SIR.




Jonathan: You know what made that funny? It was the all caps.

It's the little things like that. Those are the things that make life worth living.

Jim: Brad Nicholson just made my penis eat itself.

Jonathan: There are at least fifty ways to interpret that.

Brad: Give me one, because I'm lost.

Jim: Nobody will have read all of this, you cunts.


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