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Free weekend of Awesomenauts on Steam

10:00 PM on 11.15.2012

I'm going to shoot so many newbs!

This weekend, one of my favorite games of 2012 is going to be enjoying a free weekend on Steam. Starting tomorrow and through Sunday, everyone will be able to play Awesomenauts for free! And if you like what you play and want to play more of it on other days, the price of the game will be discounted by half during the free weekend to encourage such behavior.

Damned thing is worth it for the soundtrack (which, of course, you can buy separately or in a bundle with the game on Steam), and I say that having played ridiculous amounts of the game as well. Sometimes, I'll turn the game on and just listen to the menu music. I have it in a file on my computer and could listen to that, but it isn't the same for some reason. Like the way there's a difference between music on vinyl and digital, except stupid when you think about it.

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