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Forums, we have them: November 2011

11:00 PM on 11.14.2011 // Mxyzptlk

Top Row: BadStar, Mix, M47R1X, Byronic Man, Revuhlooshun 
Bottom Row: Gobun, Usedtabe, Jon Bloodspray, JackShadow, ZombiePlatypus 

Big thanks to Revuhlooshun for putting together the collage! 

In this edition of Forums, we have them: Seriously, you need me to synopsize this for you every month? Read the damn thing yourself! 

Halloween has come and gone, and with it comes the annual traditions of tooth decay, drunken debauchery, and (as seen above) dressing up in funny costumes. 

October also saw the return of AMC's The Walking Dead series, and to celebrate Bec made some disturbingly delicious zombie-themed cupcakes inspired by 28 Days Later. Nobody tell her that technically there weren't any zombies in that movie. 

And to complete the zombie triumvirate, Epic-KxDtoid asks which platforming hero could survive a zombie apocalypse? 

What would you give up to play videogames? In my case, finishing this recap is not one of those things. I hope you all appreciate my sacrifice, because I'd really like to be playing Rock of Ages right now. 

M Randy Dixon created this thread for you to fantasize about your ideal date with another Dtoider. Thanks for bringing us one step closer to the dream of a Destructoid community member erotic slash fiction archive! 

TurboKill wants to you to share the shows/movies/music that have reached you emotionally, most likely so he can harvest your human "feelings" to power his Genesis Device. He's tried this sinister plan before, but now I'm on to him. 

It was recently discovered that Jim Sterling is responsible for every traumatic event in the history of the universe. A list of his crimes has been archived so one day future generations may finally be able to contain him and hold him accountable for his dark acts. 

Dexter345 has started up a game of Werewolf (AKA Mafia) on the Forums, leading to an atmosphere of distrust and paranoia amongst the community while trying to deduce the identities of the beasts who hunt in the night. As of this writing we're currently on the second game, so if you want to participate in a future game let Dexter know! Below is an reenactment of events from the first game: 

If you feel the urge to express yourself with a creepy web comic generator and subvert a noble cause, Stop Bullying bitstrips is for you. Unfortunately now that it's been posted on the front page, it's ruined forever. Sorry about that. 

The Liquor Cabinet lets you share your favorite mixed drink recipes with other Dtoiders, and hopefully discover a few new favorites. 

The holiday season is coming up, and that means presents! Your suggestions for the official Destructoid Holiday Gift Guide are requested! 

Technically this thread was made after the end of October, but just in case you've missed it the Dtoid Forums Secret Santa thread for 2011 is live. If you want to participate this year, make sure you visit before the end of November! 

That's it for this month! Thanks as always to the Mods, those who contributed to the FWHT Suggestions thread, and the twelfth-dimensional entity that lives in my head and controls my actions. Tune in next month when Zodiac will explain why existence as we know it is a complete lie.

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Status updates from C-bloggers

KingSigy avatarKingSigy
Why is it impossible to find a raid group in Destiny? Am I just cursed or something? All I want is to get a clan and do a raid.
ikiryou avatarikiryou
I don't even care how the rest of this day is.
Gamemaniac3434 avatarGamemaniac3434
*Starts up XCOM: UFO Defense* Alright, I'm ready to do this...hmmmm...not much going on. Space ship! Shot it down! Lets fight, I've played XCOM...wait...what the fuck do all these buttons do? Alright I got it now! Annnnnd 1/6 soldiers survived. Hmmm.
BaronVonSnakPak avatarBaronVonSnakPak
Going to Deadpool in 45 minutes. I can't wait to see Ryan Reynolds junk.
jak2364 avatarjak2364 I'll need to ask for a credit line increase, but sure, why not?
Nathan D avatarNathan D
Hnnnggg. My End of Evangelion video I made like 2 years ago has almost 700,000 views. I never thought it'd get this far. It was the first video I ever made and just did it for fun. Guess I have an eye for editing and an ear for music placement.
gajknight avatargajknight
I want to listen to classical music. But I'm in a funky mood right now. The solution?
SeymourDuncan17 avatarSeymourDuncan17
Been watching Better Call Saul, being a pretty big fan of Breaking Bad, and it's been pretty decent. Like a b-side to BB. But, this scene with Trevor (GTAV)-famous Steven Ogg has been my highlight. There's more to it before this, but it's the best part.
Parismio avatarParismio
Whens the racist Wakka animation?:
SeymourDuncan17 avatarSeymourDuncan17
Well, wherever you are, Human...
jak2364 avatarjak2364
...Well, nice to know I could improve a game I didn't take a survey on!
SeymourDuncan17 avatarSeymourDuncan17
jak2364 avatarjak2364
...Does Ubisoft let their employees do drugs before they write surveys? It really seems like it. "The progression of the main character (skills) in the game should be adapted" Can anyone tell me what the hell that's supposed to mean?
FakePlasticTree avatarFakePlasticTree
I always thought the anime Baccano felt like something out of Guy Richie or Tarantino--then someone made the intro of Snatch with the opening theme from Baccano playing over it. Two of my favorite things together and it fits beautifully. I love it <3
Dr Mel avatarDr Mel
I just need something to do for 5 minutes before I got to leave. *checks Dtoid Quickposts* .... SHIT, 15 mintues!
Dreamweaver avatarDreamweaver
Weird nerdy confession: I actually wrote, and got HEAVILY invested in, Pokemon fan fiction. It was based on a RP Story I did on The Escapist forums, and featured a love story between a Squirtle and a Miltank. To this day, Miltank still gets me aroused. :P
SayWord avatarSayWord
Spending time with your significant other, or playing with Nep Nep? I choose you Neptune! =P
SpaghettiOReilly avatarSpaghettiOReilly
And when I said "as" I meant "this." The funk has ruined my mind.
SpaghettiOReilly avatarSpaghettiOReilly
It's been ages since I've been as addicted to a game. That changed yesterday. I can't stop playing Crypt of the Necrodancer. Send help. My hands hurt.
JPF720 avatarJPF720
As I'm back to studying, I can't help but recall that while it took me a week to read 10 pages of psychology theory I managed to read an analysis on Killer7's plot, that was 100 pages long, in a day. Good times.
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