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Forums, we have them: June 2010

3:20 PM on 06.02.2010 // Zodiac Eclipse

Welcome kids. Mxyzptlk is busy "acquiring" parts for his scale model Optimus Prime from local lumber yards, so I've been handed the tremendous honor of hosting our forum recap. This month brought us a slew of new badges, mythological beasts, tournaments, and speculation for the future.

Join me as we take a quick walk down memory lane. 

The Broums have seen a slow, but steady decrease in the amount of Bro love being thrown around, but the spirit of Brotoid is still alive and well in the coveted Bro-fist badge.

Post a picture of yourself epically bro-fisting with another Dtoider in the Badge Request thread to earn self respect and this brotastic badge.

ZombiePlatypus proved that not only is he a master of all things MS Paint, but also a master of wild beasts. His massively popular Beastoid entries have been providing nightmare fuel for forum goers all month long. If you haven't yet had your likeness revised to reflect your inner mythological monster stop by the thread and make some suggestions or even add your own. I'm told having someone draw horns on your face is the sincerest form of flattery.

A series of Super Street Fighter IV Ranbats are currently taking place on the 360 and PS3. As a special bonus the winners and organizers of these unofficial tournaments are awarded the esteemed (and spanking new) M. Bison badge.

Congrats: FlatTop, Jesus H Christ, KD_Alpha, nilcam, Senisan82, Wry Guy, and Zoel for having already earned the badge during one of the earlier tourneys.

Venturing out and about in the forums we find a mixed bag of popular culture and gaming discussion going down.

Fans of Lost expressed their mixed emotions over the show's finale. Critiques of the show were apathetic to their suffering.

Speaking of apathy and suffering, our resident cynic Gatsby has hit the big 10,000 for post count. He joins the legendary ranks of Gyrael and Poopface Morty in the "spends too much time here" club. Way to go Gats!

This past month saw the passing of an unusual number of celebrities. Forum members celebrated and berated the life and times of Dio, Dennis Hopper, and Gary Coleman.

Manic Maverick continued making awesome art by request despite being slowed by computer issues most of the month.

Anyone looking for some PS3 or PSP themes should pay a visit the Theme Request thread where Ckarasu has started taking requests again. Better get them while the getting is good.

Blehman is trying to get some people to hang out with at this year's Screw Attack Gaming Convention in Texas. The overall convention review is apparently pretty blah, but for those of us stuck smack dab in the Midwest it's probably the best we can hope for.

There was a case of E3 fever spreading through the gaming discussion section this month. For the more optimistic amongst you head over to the E3 2010 Wishlist thread and share your hopes and dreams for the future of gaming. For the rest of you dream smashing heathens check out the Hypothetical: Worst E3 news you can imagine thread and do your worst.

Further speculation has erupted over the sudden appearance of a new comer to the Show's and Podcasts section. Imaginations are running wild over who or what this mysterious BritToid might be.

All we know for certain is that something big is going down June 7th and a new podcast badge has been added to the official list.


Another Official Podcast is finally getting some badge love with the addition of the Bit Transmission badge.


Special thanks to Jonathan Holmes for setting that up for us.

Remember if you've got an unofficial community podcast and you've made at least 10 episodes you too can qualify for a badge. Contact me or Mxy and we'll get your show set up.

By popular demand (that bordered on hysteria) we also finally unveiled the Creative Endeavors Badge


This badge is designed to honor those members who create something (art, music, mods, decorative cakes) that pay tribute to the site, community or video games. To qualify your stuff has get a nod in any of the community spotlight articles on the front page. Mxy and Ali D have been working round the clock to delve into the backlog of awesome and hand out badges to those who've already qualified for it, but if you think they might have missed you, just shoot us a link and we'll get you set up.

In more serious news, forum regular and revered father of the sausage meme, lv99ron has been hospitalized while he deals with some serious medical concerns. If you'd like to add your name to the forum "Get Well" card you can do so here. Technophile will also be posting updates on his condition in this thread. We wish Ron a full and speedy recovery.

Big thanks this month to everyone who's been contributing to the Badge Ideas thread and especially those who helped come up with the designs and ideas for all the new and upcoming badges. Your enthusiasm for promoting forum achievements makes it an absolute pleasure for us Admins and Mods to serve out our sentences.

If I've missed anything be sure to call me out on it in the comments.

Zodiac Eclipse,
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Playing Tearaway Unfolded without glasses on makes it looks even prettier, gives it a glossy papercraft or almost dreamlike feel to it.
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Have a good one everyone. May you enjoy bountiful carbs and fats this Super Bowl Day.
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