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Forums, we have them: July 2010

2:00 PM on 07.05.2010 // Zodiac Eclipse

Greetings kiddos! It's once again time for our monthly forum breakdown where I bring you all the hip happenings of my beloved basement dwelling brethren. Grab yourself some sugar tang and get comfortable because this month was jam packed with excitement.

First things first, you may recall that last month our buddy lv99ron was dealing with some medical issues. This month I'm happy to report that he's been released from the hospital and on his way to recovery! Yay! More after the break.

In other news Anthony Burch and Ashley Davis got married. The forum team would like to congratulate Ashley and Anthony on their wedding and the many happy years which will surely follow.

June was a busy month for gamers. E3 fever hit the forums hard as everyone scrambled to make predictions, wish lists, and ultimately come to terms with the coverage. Notably, the 3DS Idea Thread, Kinect in 3 words or less, and the slightly more legit Kinect thread are worth checking out if you missed them.

This month also saw the beginning of the FIFA World Cup which brought all the soccer fans out to the Official Football/Soccer Thread to talk some trash and share hilarious vuvuzela related memes.

Coonskin05 kicked off his epic adventure to travel the U.S. Spending the night in each of the 48 contiguous states and meeting whatever Dtoiders will have him along the way. Check his travel itinerary and see if he'll be rolling your way soon.

The Steam Sale thread has been hopping lately as everyone rushes to pick up some daily hotness at discounted prices. Swing by and see what games your fellow community members are buying so you can properly fill your friends list.

Once the sale ends you can still pick up some deals in our new Bargin Bin thread where the thrifty have been thriving this month.

If you haven't made plans for August and live in or around the Midwest now would be a great time to check out the Cedar Point NARP thread and see what Ol' Bloodspray has in store for you.

Speaking of alcohol, BritToid has reopened the Pub for all our friends across the pond to share a pint whilst prattling on in their funny accents. Jolly good, I say.

In unofficial community podcasts news, Podsumaki finally hit their 10th episode and gained access to their very own, highly coveted, forum badge! Congrats guys.

Two new community podcasts were also launched this month, which could be a record if I wasn't too lazy to investigate this claim. At any rate, Doctor Who fans rejoice! TARDIScast is a real thing that has happened and should be listened to with ears. Meanwhile, not to be outdone, the crazy LA kids have crafted their own LAPDcast where they discuss... things pertaining to LA and how cool it is living there. Apparently it has Gobun, who I'm told is semi internet famous now.

Through all this The Bar was steadily gaining pages. This month marked the 5000th page of one of our most revered threads and to celebrate Sam Spectre treated us to a kristenbell.gif-a-thon which brought the thread to a crashing halt. Once the mess was cleaned up and the smoke had cleared, forum citizens looked out over the new bar landscape and knew that the best was yet to come.

Spoiler Warning! Thanks to the clever thinking of ClownBaby members who aren't using the “Also Cocks” forum skin will no longer have their gray text spoilers spoiled for them. Putting your spoilers in white text with the [MRD][/MRD] tags around it will keep your secrets safe. They had great success with this in the Red Dead Redemption thread already so now it's time to take it to the next level and make this an official practice. Quick word of caution, if you subscribe and read the thread via email in plain text the spoilers will still be visible so proceed with caution if you spot the [MRD] tag. Thanks again for the idea ClownBaby.

Meanwhile, at stately MOD manner, the forum team has been hard at work narrowing down the list for the soon to be a thing, Legendary Dtoider Badge. Your patience is appreciated while we dot the i's and cross some t's to finalize our selections. In the meantime forum members will be happy to discover that thanks to Changston asking for it, you guys can now send PM's to 5 people at a time rather than just one. Think of it as our little gift to you for being so swell.

That pretty much concludes my recollections of what happened over the month, but feel free to add to the comments if I've overlooked something. Be sure to tune in next month when my Co-Admin and better half Mxyzptlk will bring some order and dignity back to this recap. Shirt and shoes required!

Zodiac Eclipse,
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