*FNF Quake semi-finals start, win a MAINGEAR PC by raffle
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FNF Quake semi-finals start, win a MAINGEAR PC by raffle

3:50 PM on 07.20.2009·  2 minute read   ·  Niero

Destructoid's Quake Live tournament goes into Semi-Finals this week, as six players go head-to-head to battle for $9,000 in Cyberpower gaming computers. Our admins lost sleep all weekend, sifting through all of your dispute tickets and weeding out suspicious activity (you know who you are!). That said, congratulations to these six players for not only rocking but keeping it on the level.  Here's what the tentative schedule looks like:

Torzelan VS. Weird

Gandhi VS. Forn1x

hardboiled777 VS. HawtPawkitHero

Players, check your email for schedules. Also, a cosmic congratulations to Rogue Squee, our Cosmic Cannon winner, who will be receiving a mysterious swag pack with games & squishy stuff (that we have no photo of).

Next up: Win a MAINGEAR pc *even if you ROYALLY SUCK*

We also went through everyone's feedback and are changing the way we give out the next few prizes.  The third prize PC will actually be given away at random!  All you have to complete a Call of Duty 4 match against another Dtoider on your choice of platform: we're allowing consoles for this round.  The more you play against a unique person (not the same dude over and over) the more raffle tickets you get towards a PC. Competitive players will be battling for these top two ridiculously powerful MAINGEAR gaming PCs.

We invite you to check out our games section for more details.  Thanks everyone for your support and good luck at your match!

A note about the change in players in the semi-finals from the leaderboard

As stated in our FAQs, the leaderboard is merely our computer's best estimate of the top players.  It is NOT the final say in who competes in the semi finals, as we are constantly combing the system for exploits. In judging the quality of matches (did you know we reconcile all wins by hand?) we have identified that at least four player accounts were created for the specific purpose of losing over and over to a few individuals for the purpose of augmenting their scores.  We have obtained proof that this was the purpose and design of these players, so we have responded by (1) invalidating those wins and (2) opening admin disputes against the players, which do affect their scores. 

There is no sport on earth where players can recruit opponents to intentionally lose to propel their stats, so these players were blacklisted from the event.  Players who engaged in this were given a warning, and no bannings have occured as of this update.  Please note that we take this event very seriously and all players caught engaging in such activities will be immediately removed.  If you have ANY problems with ANY part of the experience please do contact our [email protected] and we will do our best for you.


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