First video of new standalone DayZ shows off improvements - destructoid

First video of new standalone DayZ shows off improvements

11:30 AM on 02.05.2013

Patrick Hancock


Video dev blog demonstrates gameplay

A new video of the DayZ standalone game has been posted today, courtesy of a developer blog you can check out here. The video shows off the basics of the new clothing options, loot spawn mechanics, new areas, and the developers' great sense of humor and accents.

DayZ looks to be shaping into the game that most of us wanted the mod to be. I'm really happy that the game is progressing and looking good, so I don't have to play the buggy mod or the terrible War Z.

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Patrick Hancock
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DayZ Standalone

4:15 PM on 05.14.2014
DayZ Standalone update

DayZ developer's servers hacked, source code possibly stolen

No player info compromised
2:15 PM on 05.02.2014
DayZ Standalone update

DayZ standalone crosses two million sales while still in Early Access

In under six months!
11:00 PM on 04.25.2014
DayZ Standalone update

DayZ sure can get pretty creepy

One of the crazy ones
1:30 PM on 02.24.2014
DayZ Standalone update

DayZ designer Dean Hall will leave Bohemia this year

'DayZ's development will continue to move full-steam ahead,' says studio
2:30 PM on 01.14.2014
DayZ Standalone update

Surprising no one, DayZ reaches one million sales

'So much for the death of PC gaming'
11:00 PM on 01.10.2014
DayZ Standalone update

If you see these three guys in DayZ, start running

'Have a good day!'
7:30 PM on 01.08.2014
DayZ Standalone update

DayZ gang forces players into life or death duel

Congratulations to the Yellow Jacket Man
10:00 AM on 01.04.2014
DayZ Standalone update

How to politely rob someone in DayZ

'Can I come with you?'
7:00 PM on 01.03.2014
DayZ Standalone update

DayZ has sold more than 400,000 Early Access copies

Not too shambly
1:30 PM on 12.05.2013
DayZ Standalone update

Dev: DayZ early access is a 'recipe for disappointment'

Alphas aren't finished games

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