*Feast on these (tardy) Zelda: Skyward Sword videos
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Feast on these (tardy) Zelda: Skyward Sword videos

4:45 PM on 09.15.2011  ยท  Tony Ponce@megaStryke

We f*cked up royally.

A bunch of incredible new Skyward Sword videos came out a few days ago, but we failed to post any of them. Chances are you've seen some of these by now, but if you haven't, I'll cut to the chase.

The above video explains the game's item upgrade system. After the jump, catch a nifty off-screen CG trailer, a clip demonstrating how Link travels through the clouds to new locations, and a gameplay showcase by Miyamoto himself. Watch, absorb, discuss, and accept our humble apologies for our tardiness.

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TGS 11: CG Trailer [GameTrailers]

Exclusive Video: Flying To Eldin Volcano in Skyward Sword [Game Informer]

Over 4 minutes of direct-feed Zelda: Skyward Sword footage
[Nintendo Everything]


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